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Exercises on the bench for the press

Exercises on the bench for the press Nowadays, there are many ways and sets of exercises to enable tighten and pump up your abdominal muscles.But the majority recognizes that employment on a special bench - the most effective.

Benefits lessons on the bench

This sports equipment allows to pump all of the major abdominal muscles.Often, this simulator can accommodate an extra load due to adjustable detail.They alter the angle of inclination, and thus provide an opportunity to train in different positions.
main muscles that receive load:

  • rectus abdominis;
  • internal obliques;
  • external obliques;
  • rectus femoris;
  • quadriceps;
  • iliopsoas muscle.

For professional training there is a special curved bench.It

load level is significantly higher, especially in the lower press.This is due to the fact that you do not go down on the bench with his back completely on the usual simulator, and keep body weight constant on.
Exercises on the bench for the press

What you need to achieve the best results?

For maximum effect, you must adhere to a set of universal rules of exercise:

  • Inhale to do when unbent, and exhale - when bend.
  • abdominal muscles should be tense - not enough to make a couple of moves.
  • Do not try to make the exercise easier, doing them quickly - so you only take the time, but the result did not get.
  • In no case do not press your chin to your chest, keep your head straight.
  • Keep your pelvis off the bench.
  • not pull his head in his hands.

Exercises on the bench for the press

main types of exercises on the bench

This exercise is recommended by most experts and help to quickly lose weight and gain your desired slender look.

upgrades torso

This form of exercise is training the upper part of the abdominal muscles by lifting the entire body until it stops.How to perform:

  • lie on your back on the bench, lower back firmly pressed to the surface;
  • foot refineries emphasis and legs bent at the knees;
  • gradually torn off the body, from the shoulders up as long as the back and legs do not form a right angle;
  • few seconds are in this position, breathe out and slowly return to the starting position.

rise trunk with a reduced amplitude

load on top of the abdominal muscles.Exercise is performed as the previous, with the only difference that the torso is not returned to its original position.You should not completely down on the bench and keep the press at a constant voltage.In this embodiment, the main advantage is the minimum load on the lumbar spine.

Rises body with turns

Besides the top of the press work the obliques.How to do:

  • from the initial position slightly raise the body without touching the thighs, and turn it to the left / right;
  • can make turns alternately;
  • more complex version: raise the body, expand the right to return to the upright position, expand the left, again right, and only then return to starting position.


involved rectus abdominis.Technique:

  • abut foot for emphasis, his back lying on the bench, knees bent;
  • only detached from the surface of the shoulders, lower back pressed to the projectile;
  • back to its original position.

Twisting with turning

Work abdominal obliques and upper rectus press.How to download:

  • when picked body makes it easy to turn aside;
  • one elbow rises and stretches toward the opposite knee;
  • return to starting position and change the direction of rotation.

Lifting legs

load on the lower press.How to do:

  • lie down with his back on the bench, his head up, his hands holding on foot rests or the edge of the bench;
  • leg raises to an angle of 90 degrees, the pelvis is not torn off;
  • then slowly descend.

This exercise can be complicated if you do not lower the legs to the end and continue to keep them suspended.Alternatively, to hold the feet at 30 degrees for 45 seconds and gradually increasing the time.

few tips

In this video you can see the main types of exercises designed to improve your figure:

  • Remember that the most important thing - to do this exercise regularly.Therefore, you should find yourself a schedule, which will celebrate the effectiveness of your training and results - it will serve as a great motivation.
  • should start with a small number of repetitions and gradually increase the amount and frequency approaches that reduce the breaks between them.
  • optimal number of times - when the last mode you do to limit the effort.After that you make a short rest and do another set of loads.