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Abdominal exercises for men

Abdominal exercises for men Healthy toned male body has always been and will be in vogue.That's why the stronger sex sometimes have to work hard on themselves to fit their own needs and expectations.
Contrary to popular belief, men achieve perfect cubes on the belly is sometimes much harder than women.It's all about the features of their physiology - if women fat accumulates mainly on the flanks and hips, then their husbands, he is going in the abdomen.That's why every man who wants to have a beautiful press, they should know the basic exercises that can help him achieve that goal.
the Internet you can find a variety of training programs, including including video:

Here we offer you the most effective of the existing exercises.

With the right approach to the exercises at the press, the result will not wait too long.

However, in this you can easily make yourself - it will be enough only to check their photos before the start of classes and after about a month of regular exercise.


If you want to quickly pump up the

press, it will help you this simple exercise.For its implementation need to lie on your back, bend your knees, hands behind his head away and dilute elbows to the sides.On the exhale should tear shoulders off the floor and pull the upper part of the body to bend your knees.Loin of this should be pressed to the floor, back - to be round.Linger for a while in a folded state and then as you exhale to return to its original position.Over time, try to increase the number of twists performed to 150 for three approaches.
standard training program can include several types of twists:

  • diagonal twist - while raising the body should be left elbow reaching out to the first limb, and vice versa,
  • twisting and lifting of the feet - during exercise feet should turn to straighten the knees and lift underangle of 45 degrees with respect to the housing.

Abdominal exercises for men

Lifting legs

This exercise assumes that you need to lie down on your back and stretch your arms along the body.Lift straight legs alternately so that their angle relative to the body was 90 degrees.Perform 20 lifts one leg, then the same amount of a second.To add to the diversity of the exercise, hold each leg in the air for 20 seconds and only then lower it to the floor.


Your table is needed for training exercises should include the media and this:

  • you should take a starting position on the floor as in the lifting legs.
  • Lift simultaneously both legs bent at the knees, and hold them at an angle of 45 degrees relative to its body.
  • Next to do kicking exercises that simulate cycling.
  • Note that the lower the floor you will keep your feet, the more effective the corresponding muscles worked.

Abdominal exercises for men

What does the exercise "bike"?


With this exercise can be equally effective to pump the lower and upper press.For its implementation should be:

  • lie on the floor and pull straight hands behind his head;
  • should continue to exhale while lifting the upper and lower part of the body;
  • try to touch his forehead to his knees and fingers to grasp the foot;
  • It is important not to bend your knees.

's enough to perform this exercise about 10 times, but eventually should increase the number of approaches.

Abdominal vacuum

Every man tries to find a fast way to download and press home.And if for you it is also true, you definitely fit this exercise as an abdominal vacuum.Running is very easy:

  • must stand on all fours, slowly exhale and draw the belly as possible;
  • continue to breathe through your nose and hold your stomach sucked so long as you can;
  • to start would be enough, and 20 seconds, but with time, increase the time;
  • do the exercise for 10-15 repetitions.

How to pump up the press

Any man who strive to pump up the press, makes initially the same mistakes.So, many of the stronger sex to forget about their scheme, and passed the training, and then try to catch up and excessive overload your body.So do not in any case impossible.Each workout should be scheduled.In a week you need to be engaged in the press at least 3-4 times, otherwise you can not achieve the desired result.
also every man must remember that involves pumping the press and other muscles.That is why it is better to leave the appropriate exercises on the very end of the training, so as not to exhaust your body more than the norm.
To speed dial, you can download the press mass using utyagoscheniya.That is, to take up, for example, dumbbells.