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Harm molokochaya

Molokochay - a drink that you can prepare yourself.It is prepared from tea and milk, you can add honey.Beverage suitable only cow's milk, since it is less greasy than the goat.

molokochay How to cook?

molokochay now fashionable to use for weight loss in order not to starve and lose weight without discomfort.This drink helps to blunt the feeling of hunger, reduces appetite, replaces harmful snacks.Not only can you arrange fasting days on molokochae, and replace them lunch or dinner.

If you spend unloading at molokochae, you can lose up to a pound a day, but remember that you are losing a lot of liquid, so it is necessary for the day to drink at least two liters of clean water.And do not get carried away - a fasting day on molokochae should be one week.

This drink is useful because it normalizes the excretory system, stimulates the flow of bile, works as a laxative, is struggling with stress.Molokochay helps cleanse the body, as it works as a choleretic and diuretic.

Milk and tea individually good

for the body, but sometimes they can be aggressive.Milk is slowly digested, the fermentation occurs, tea tannin neutralize it.Milk softens the effects of caffeine contained in tea, on gastric mucosa.

harm molokochaya

unloading at molokochae have their disadvantages.To kill all the nutrients in milk and in tea, they cancel each other.The milk has calcium, and in case of - a substance that makes calcium indigestible.Therefore, calcium is deposited in the vessel wall, naturally vessels lose elasticity.Well, from here and a lot of diseases.

Frequent consumption molokochaya the risk of kidney stones, disrupted gastrointestinal tract.Pressure drops, and if it is you, and so low, that it threatens the loss of consciousness.
In no case can not abuse this drink, otherwise the body will lose too much fluid, slow metabolism, will headaches and weakness.

In addition, unloading on molokochae poorly tolerated because this drink has a strong diuretic effect.And the worst thing is that in the tea, which is brewed with milk dramatically increases the number of carcinogens, so molokochay significantly increases the risk of tumors, and in a short time.

Well, of course, when consumed molokochaya, as mentioned above, leaves the liquid, rather than fat, the question arises: is it necessary to us?

As you can see, molokochaya has its pluses and minuses.If you decide to arrange a fasting day, using this drink, you need to consume plenty of fluids and do not use such a discharge more than one day.Monitor your health, if you become ill, you feel weak, dizzy, you should discontinue such fasting days.

Of course, if you use molokochay for unloading once every six months, it is unlikely that you will earn a lot of disease, but drinking it every other day or even every week is not necessary.Otherwise, instead of harmony, you can get a bad state of health and the risk of various diseases.


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