Fasting days

Discharge day on the water

Discharge day on the water Water has zero calories and, at the same time represents a high value for our body.At night, we need at least 1.5 liters of water, except tea, coffee, juices, and liquid soups.The use of water is invaluable.In addition, it is an important element in a program of weight loss, because the proper fluid and electrolyte balance allows to support high-speed processing of calories. But do not forget that fasting on the water - a dangerous method of weight loss and hard, but the one fasting day on the water, you can always arrange themselves.

How to properly conduct discharge day on the water

Some people organize themselves fasting days on the water only after heavy feasts.But doctors recommend to do the opposite.
24 hours prior to the discharge of the day should switch to lighter products, plug fruit (e.g. apples).Exclude fully meats, dairy products.In addition, it is necessary to clean the intestines.Prepare for itself from 2 to 4 liters of water (boiled and cleaned).By the way, water can be both cold an

d warm or even hot.Tea and coffee in this day do not drink - only water.Such discharge day can be repeated in two weeks.
«Exit" from the "water day" carried out carefully, to steamed, steamed vegetables, cereals.The morning after fasting day starts with 1 cup of clean water and a small carrot.Fiber contained in it will help your body get rid of the remnants of toxins that have accumulated in the intestine.Then throughout the day, do not eat protein foods (meat, beans, fish, eggs).Eat only vegetables or fruits.This will help the body recover from stress and internal organs will be easier to "get involved" in the job.Reviews of such fasting day is positive, some men and women lost for 1 day on the water discharge of about 1 kg.
Discharge day on the water

Driving fasting day

In the opinion, the most efficient scheme following:

  1. the day you need to drink at least 3 liters of water (can be 4 liters).
  2. drink every hour.
  3. Food is completely eliminated.
  4. In the water you can add a couple of slices of fresh lemon.

However, if you have high acidity of the stomach, it is better not to use lemon.

«Plus" fasting day on the water is what you almost do not feel hunger, as the water fills the stomach.

Try to keep a positive attitude and get to the end, and you feel unprecedented ease throughout the body, which can not be compared to anything.In addition, the internal organs will be cleaned of toxins that have a positive impact on health.But be careful and listen to your well-being.If you experience sudden dizziness, severe weakness, immediately stop "water diet", it might be contraindicated for you.

To contraindicated fasting days on the water

As with any diet, in this case, there are contraindications, which need to be careful.To
contraindicated fasting days on the water:

  • teenagers and pensioners;
  • people who suffer from diseases of the kidneys and heart, as well as vascular disease;
  • gipotonikam (low blood pressure);
  • diabetics;
  • pregnant women and nursing mothers;
  • women during menstruation;
  • people with vertigo.

It is best to consult with your doctor if you want to spend the day fasting.After all, every body is different, and to predict the reaction is sometimes very difficult.
Discharge day on the water

Expert opinion

Specialists in nutrition believe that if you stick to a fitness diet and eat foods rich in proteins (including man-made), you desperately need to hold such discharge, because the gastrointestinal tract must rest from digestionheavy meals.But it is worth remembering that in the fasting day on the water you can not engage in physical activity to avoid severe stress.Do not combine "water" diet and sport, because you run the risk of slow metabolism.The reason for that is cortisol (stress hormone) in starvation.All food eaten on the next day, be acquired by the body in its entirety, and the appetite will increase by several times.So it's best to stick to the golden mean.