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Carbohydrate-free diet wins hunger

carbohydrate-free diet Why is carbohydrate-free diet, and why?And so indifferent to what the body and that can be continually throw it as firewood in the fireplace?- Yes, carbohydrates.Different and in any quantity.They "fail" and I want more quickly.Sweets, biscuits, cookies, sweet apples and pears.Eats unnoticed.Evokes a feeling of bliss, which want more and more.Stop hard, and the result is deplorable.

But stay ever have, excess consumption of carbohydrates leads to diseases of the endocrine system and beyond.Leave the body entirely without carbohydrates is also impossible.They are necessary for any physical action, metabolism and proper brain function.Only one thing - limit.About 250 calories per day, it is necessary to lay their daily consumption.Other substitute foods containing mostly protein and less fat.

carbohydrate-free diet will help lose fat already accumulated?- Yes, easily accessible source of energy is not replenished, the blood sugar level drops, falls, and insulin levels, the body, to compensate for a

lack of glucose, involves splitting mechanisms of adipose tissue.

fact that carbohydrate-free diet limits foods and breaks them welcome, does not exhaust needed in its recommendations:

  • to eat small meals 5-6 times a day;
  • increase physical activity to begin a half-hour daily walk on foot;
  • not limit the amount of carbohydrates a minimum of one week (later increased to avoid ketosis - lack of glucose for energy production);
  • drink immediately after a meal and for half an hour;
  • not eat before going to bed.

carbohydrate-free diet - you can eat:

  • eggs;
  • lean meat (veal, rabbit);
  • poultry;
  • fish dishes;
  • cheese;
  • cream;
  • yogurt;
  • cheese;
  • legumes and nuts;
  • vegetables;
  • citrus;
  • leaves of various salads

carbohydrate-free diet - that can not be eaten:

  • all kinds of candies, jellies and jams;
  • sugary drinks, especially with gas, packaged juices;
  • cakes and pies;
  • bread and pasta;
  • refined cereals.

sweet foods

Even if it contains the highest amount of protein carbohydrate-free diet, the menu for the week is calculated individually, based on the fact that a day per 1 kg of weight of the protein consumed should occur in an amount of 2-3

Day set of products,divided into several stages, may consist of:

  • 250-300 g low-fat unsalted chicken meat, 300g of vegetables in a salad dressed with olive oil, 2-3 cups of green or black tea without sugar;
  • 2 boiled eggs, 200 grams of beef, 2 cups of fresh vegetable juice, 10 grams of nuts;
  • 200 g boiled fish, 100 g of cottage cheese, sour cream can be 150-200 grams of vegetables in a salad dressed with olive oil, 2 slices of cheese;
  • 250 g chicken stock, 200 grams of boiled chicken breast, a few leaves of lettuce, one orange, 10 g walnuts, 2-3 cups of tea or coffee without sugar.

carbohydrate-free diet - a diet for those who are tired of fighting with a constant feeling of hunger.Foods containing high amounts of protein, by itself very satisfying.Eating 50 grams of meat, the following method can be postponed for a long time - the body will be busy processing complex food is not "ask".

This diet is designed for the involvement of its own mechanisms for processing adipose tissue and do not have instant results.But it persists longer.That which carbohydrate-free diet reviews collected suggests that it helps get rid of 8-14 kg during the period minimize the amount of carbohydrates in the diet.The result will continue, if not out of the diet dramatically.

All unpleasant sensations ranging from dizziness and ending constipation can be avoided.If you liked the carbohydrate-free diet, the table of products that make up a balanced product mix - always ready to serve.It is not necessary to lean on one thing.

And, of course, to bring the toxins need to drink a bit more and a little more than move.

a list of a variety of products

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