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Can I quit smoking and do not get better?

Can I quit smoking and do not get better? Smoking in our time - a very common habit, which is actively abused both women and men.And as the fairer sex are more likely to be overweight, they are afraid to amass the problems with being overweight, do not give up the addiction, because I do not know, it does not get better when quit smoking. But there are very effective methods that enable to quit smoking and get better at it.

quit and get better.Why comes weight?

after quitting weight gain caused by many factors related to the effect of nicotine on the body.

  1. During smoking, nicotine activates the production of adrenaline.At this point, the metabolic processes are amplified, and the body starts to need nutrients.The brain, wanting to "feed" our body, gives a signal to speed up metabolism.
  2. Nicotine can suppress appetite by stimulating the decomposition of glycogen in the liver - a nutrient that is converted into glucose and nourishes the body.
  3. Nicotine is able to affect the brain as stimulates receptors, enhancing the exchange of energy in
    it.In connection with this comes a state of cheerfulness and efficiency improves.
  4. no secret that cigarettes have a relaxing effect.They reduce tension in the nervous system, relieves stress.Because the process of eliminating addiction can cause stress, and nicotine confusing hunger with hunger from food, the smoker is jammed "cigarette hunger", from which there are overeating calories.
  5. slugger appetite may also be components that are added to cigarettes by the tobacco manufacturer.For more detail on.

Can I quit smoking and do not get better?

quit and recovered: blame cigarette manufacturers?

Trying tobacco manufacturers to connect smoking with losing weight is very competitive in the cigarette business, so how to quit smoking and did not recover, not all turns out.The real sensation was the identification of cigarettes known brands of amphetamine (a potent drug) and nitrous oxide - laughing gas.Moreover, to be sure 100% that still tobacco products are not fortified with additives that suppress the appetite, no one can.
Can I quit smoking and do not get better?

So, is how to quit smoking and do not get better?After

abuse harmful habit many smokers hesitant to get rid of it.But it does not get better, quit smoking?We offer four effective ways of quitting without dialing extra padding:

  1. Willpower.If you think you are strong-willed, determined person, you quit smoking will not be any problems.But do not relax, because the body still will require another "dose".Less attempt to be in the company of smokers, and in a few days will feel less dependent on cigarettes.
  2. Women's Council.Quitting smoking is better to plan for the time after menstruation, because the period itself gives weight gain due to fluid retention.
  3. Failure to fast food.So you want to quit smoking and get better at it, of course, do not want, you need to for the first time in his diet to limit high-calorie meals.Create a list of used products and delete from them the most fatty and high-calorie.
  4. Sport is not an option.Do not replace Smoking Area.Nicotine and so worsen breathing exercise because for the first time may be too heavy for the body.It is better to start with swimming and walking.

Can I quit smoking and do not get better?

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