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That there is at poisoning stomach

That there is at poisoning stomach Unfortunately, from food poisoning to insure difficult.This phenomenon is considered to be very common, so it is quite possible to cope on their own, if you know that there is at poisoning, and later in the recovery process.In such situations usually eat absolutely do not want , food is rejection, but the body still have to do the nutrients.Choosing the right diet for poisoning provides the most gentle mechanical, chemical and thermal effect on the intestines and stomach lining.If you have a severe case, accompanied by shortness of breath, cramps, fever, high fever and incessant diarrhea better consult a qualified doctor.In some cases of poisoning begin serious diseases with which you yourself can not handle.The cause of poisoning may be:

  • expiration date products;
  • food cooked without complying with the necessary requirements of the processing;
  • improper storage;
  • poorly washed products.

can also poison the products containing pesticides and toxic substances in quantities in excess of the permiss

ible limits.
That there is at poisoning stomach

Meals for poisoning

to quickly recover, should listen to the reactions of his body and carefully selected food for poisoning.The most important thing is to secure drinking plenty of fluids, which helps to clean food debris from substandard stomach.When the body will signal hunger, carefully choose what to eat in case of poisoning and keep sparing the rules of supply:

  • the first day of the amount of food should be kept to a minimum.And better to refrain from it altogether.To avoid dehydration you must drink a lot, it can be:
  1. broth hips;
  2. mineral or boiled water;
  3. green tea;
  4. congee;
  5. rather weak sweetened tea.
  • permitted little homemade croutons.
  • Hours 5-6, if desired, you can drink or eat chicken broth cooked in water gruel:
  1. rice;
  2. semolina;
  3. buckwheat.
  • can eat mashed potatoes without butter and milk in small quantities.
  • kissel.
  • can add boiled chicken, which is better to use chop.

Rice is a unique product, adsorbs toxins and excess gases from the intestines, so salted rice porridge on the water, is the best food for poisoning.
That there is at poisoning stomach

Eating a few days after the poisoning

Diet after food poisoning for 3-5 days to comply with the following rules:

  1. 'm going to eat only in the form of heat;
  2. All meals are best steamed;
  3. Food should be pureed or liquid;
  4. need to eat up to seven times a day in small portions;
  5. volume one meal must contain clearly.

menu after poisoning better prepare the following dishes:

  • steamed vegetables;
  • rabbit meat, chicken, turkey, calf powdered form or frayed;
  • galetnoe cookies;
  • croutons of white bread;
  • porridge without butter and milk from rice, oats, wheat, buckwheat;
  • decoction of St. John's wort, blueberry and blackcurrant compote of dried fruits.

That there is at poisoning stomach

What you can not eat at a poisoning

During recovery you can not use the following products:

  • carbonated and alcoholic drinks;
  • juice, cocoa, milk and coffee;
  • milk and milk products, including cheese;
  • fat, sweet, smoked, sharp, salty.
  • pastries and freshly baked pastries;
  • fish, mushroom and meat broth;
  • canned;
  • fresh fruits and vegetables.

During this period, the stomach is subjected to severe attack of different bacteria, so do not be discouraged if he refuses to eat your normal diet.Listen to your body, he will tell you that when he could return to the usual diet.