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Diet - table number 6: the menu, the detailed description

Diet - table number 6: the menu, the detailed description №6 Diet is a type of therapeutic diets and dietary appointed mainly for the following diseases: acute form of nephritis, chronic nephritis, gout.Usually the diet prescribed by the doctor around the third or fourth week of treatment.The main aim of this power is to provide gently kidney necessary substances, and to withdraw all harmful products of metabolism.

What can eat a diet number 6

  • bread - almost any of his species: rye, white, wheat
  • First courses: soup, soup, pickle, soups, vegetarian, soups, fruit, beetroot and milk soup
  • meat - only the low-fat varieties of fish.It is recommended to use a maximum of 2 times per week
  • Almost all vegetables and fruits, berries: both fresh and in the form of jam, jam or marmalade, in grated form, etc.It is useful during a diet 6 to arrange a sort of "syroedny" fasting day, which should be eaten only raw fruits, berries and vegetables
  • Daily eat one boiled chicken egg
  • Cereal dishes, pasta, but the number of these products should be the minimum
  • Herbs (dill, parsley), pineapple, sour cream or tomato sauce
  • butter, milk, yogurt and fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, sour cream
  • mineral water, vegetable oil, tea (weak strength) with milk, as well as recommended broth hips

What to exclude

  • liver, lungs, kidneys, sausage and its variants, any smoked products, herring in any form of preparation, various canned meat or fish, game, spicy dishes and soups mushroom, meat or fish
  • Natural coffee, cocoa and strong tea
  • Sorrel, spinach, lettuce, horseradish, black pepper, beans, peas, raspberries and cranberries, mustard, rhubarb, figs
  • Garlic, onion, radish, any vegetables pickledas well as mineral water containing sodium

Diet 6 - Sample menu for the week

Diet - table number 6: the menu, the detailed description

When gout is recommended that the diet menu, designed for a week.

first day:

Breakfast: Bread and butter, salad, dressed with sour cream, weak tea with milk and cottage cheese for lunch

: buckwheat porridge, juice, scrambled eggs.

before dinner (2-3 hours before): fried potatoes, soup is vegetarian with vegetables, juice and meat with breadcrumbs

For dinner: meatballs, vegetables, cheese, pudding and macaroni casserole

Bedtime: drink milk bun

Second day:

the morning on an empty stomach to take a little bit of broth hips.Then, after an hour and a half to eat liquid porridge with milk, and drink milk.Later drink about 200 ml of grape juice.

For lunch: soup of grated vegetables, milk pudding, about an hour to drink a glass of carrot juice.

For dinner, cook rice porridge (like oatmeal - to make milk) and fruit compote.At 9 pm to drink a glass of kefir, and before going to bed - tea without sugar and milk.

Diet - table number 6: the menu, the detailed description

third day:

Breakfast: vegetable salad with vegetable oil, tea, pudding of carrots and apples, as well as soft-boiled egg.After - take a decoction of rose hips.

Lunch: potato patties, milk soup with pasta, jelly, as well as apples.

Dinner: vegetables stuffed with rice and tea cheesecakes, and late at night: a decoction of bran (wheat).

Fourth day:

Breakfast: broth hips, beet salad with prunes.Then a cup of coffee (of course, weak!) And eat a soft-boiled egg.

Lunch: pasta with cheese, oatmeal soup, milk, carrot cakes that need to pour the sour cream and tea.And then drink some fruit juice

Dinner: Baked in the oven with prunes or curd cheese dumplings and broth hips.

Before going to bed to drink a glass of kefir.

Fifth day:

for breakfast: coffee, apple and beet salad with sour cream.Further, even in the morning it will be useful to eat fried eggs with tomatoes and any fresh fruit.

At lunch: vegetable stew with beef boiled, okroshka and weak tea with lemon.

Dinner: vegetable salad with potatoes, cabbage casserole with sour cream sauce, weak tea brewed with milk

Late in the evening to cook the bran, cook and drain, drink, at most, half a cup.

Diet - table number 6: the menu, the detailed description

sixth day

recommended to make fasting day and several times a day to eat 100-120 grams of cottage cheese, and yogurt drink before going to bed.

seventh day diet №6

Breakfast: oatmeal, salad, tea or coffee with milk.Stewed fruit and scrambled eggs with fruit

Lunch: any dish of boiled beef, beetroot soup, cabbage and fruit jelly.

Dinner: Beet, cheese cakes from cottage cheese, broth hips, and beets, stuffed with rice and slices of apple.

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