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The cure for fat cell

How to beat the fat cells?Factors of success are well known - a balanced diet and physical activity.But thanks to modern science, man can achieve results as quickly as possible and at the same time safe for health.
more muscle - less fat.A simple formula that can take him into service all those wondering how to lose weight.This also applies to women, who tend to avoid weight training because of the fear to gain muscle mass.But here, the fitness industry professionals are unanimous - should not be afraid!In the female body does not produce as much testosterone, the male hormone that promotes muscle growth.

The cure for fat cell
In the language builders preparation for a competition called "drying".In these past few weeks follow a special low-carbohydrate athlete nutrition and hard training.To maximize fat burn during the "drying", are weight training scheme - more exercises, more reps, less rest!The weights with which the athlete runs are reduced by not more than 15% compared to the conventional period set mass.But the

number of carbohydrates consumed with food is reduced by 80%.So goes the energy and strength that are so necessary for quality work in the hall.
How to maintain the tone and achieve the maximum effect in the fight against fat cells?

Laktomarin Scientists have developed a special tool for professional bodybuilders - food gel based on brown seaweed Laktomarin.It contains more than forty micro and macro elements and vitamins needed to sustain the body during periods of heavy physical exertion.

Thanks to the innovative formula without exception substances absorbed by the body.For example, iodine is required to ensure all the metabolic processes in an organism, contained in Laktomarine in organic form that provides 100% absorption.Taking Laktomarin, you forget about tiredness and impotence while dieting and exercising at the gym.

Lily Tatarinov Lily Tatarinov, endocrinologist, MD:
"Fortunately, win fat cells do not need her own role in the body.We should maintain a balance of muscle and adipose tissue.To increase muscle mass you need to intake of amino acids, macro- and microelements and vitamins. "

The entire complex is in the Laktomarine, so its regular intake on the background of the same regular exercise will allow to acquire the desired shape.It is important to remember that intense workouts activate free radicals.That is why professional athletes Laktomarin shown as efficiently displays all toxic substances from the body. "

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