Low-fat diet

Pomegranate Diet

Pomegranate Diet When garnet diet an important component in the diet becomes grenades.It should be noted that the food should be used not only grenades in a pure form, and pomegranate juice.The only way you can be sure that you can lose weight, and at the same time cleanse your body.

Garnet positive effect on the digestive, cardiovascular and hematopoietic systems.Contained in garnet nutrients cope with any viruses that often attack the body in the autumn-winter period.Pomegranate is not just characterized by its taste, it is also able to cope with the extra pounds.That is why the garnet diet often prescribed to people with diabetes, as well as a medical supply.

  • Pomegranate diet will benefit for obesity, as well as swelling of the lower extremities.But this does not mean that it can not be used by women who want to lose a few kilos to look even slimmer and more attractive.
  • Slimming garnet is not suitable only for those people who suffer from diseases of the stomach.Patients with increased acidity of gastric juice
    should not be consumed pomegranate juice on an empty stomach in order to prevent deterioration of their health.

Pomegranate diet for 3 weeks

in duration pomegranate diet is designed for 3 weeks.All this time, nutritionists advise to adhere to proper nutrition for weight loss.However, the main condition of the diet will be the daily use of pomegranate juice.

  • In the first week of diet you should drink 100 ml of pomegranate juice 3 times in between Primo food.
  • In the second week, you must reduce the amount of consumed pomegranate juice 2 times a day.
  • And in the last week of the diet is enough to drink 100 ml of pomegranate juice every day.

Pomegranate juice before drinking to be diluted by half with water.

Pomegranate diet for a week

There is also another option garnet diet - fast.It is designed for 7 days.As a result, you can lose weight by 5 kg!

itself is a low-calorie fruit grenades.At 100 grams of pomegranate accounts for only 52 calories.Another low-calorie product is considered to buckwheat.It is this and help you lose weight.Therefore, it is necessary to use it with grenades in the garnet diet.

menu weekly diet pomegranate

  • For breakfast you need to cook about 150 grams of buckwheat without salt and oil.For dessert is 1 grenades.
  • Lunch consists of 150 grams of boiled chicken breast or fish.As a side dish again cook buckwheat.For dessert, eat a pomegranate.
  • At lunch - a banana.
  • dinner can be a small portion of buckwheat porridge with herbs.For dessert, eat again 1 grenades.
  • If you feel hungry before bedtime allowed to drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

The above menu is considered to be approximate.Optionally, you can vary it can be replaced by buckwheat porridge or pearl barley porridge.At lunch you can eat any fruit.

main thing is that the components are low-calorie menu.It is necessary to remember that during the pomegranate diet you should eliminate from your diet fatty, sugary foods, and any flour products.

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