Homemade mayonnaise recipe

Homemade mayonnaise recipe

To prepare delicious homemade mayonnaise need:

  • • cooked egg yolk;
  • • The yolk of a raw egg;
  • • Refined oil 1/2 cup;
  • • tablespoon vinegar;
  • • To spice you can add the mustard;
  • • salted and podsaharit to your liking.

To prepare mayonnaise must take into account the quality of products used.The cooking process is recommended to be performed in areas with moderate air temperature.Products: yolk cooked hard-boiled, salt, mustard, sugar, placed in a non-metallic bowl and mix, preferably with a wooden spoon.The yolk of a raw egg to add to the resulting mass and mix thoroughly.By performing continuous stirring gradually add a few drops of refined oil, pouring oil all at once is impossible.

Compliance with this requirement is necessary for a better connection yolks and butter.If you suddenly will not appear desirable clusters to solve this problem, drop a few drops of water and mix.Oil required a prescription, you must add all of the installed technology.The resulting mass is to add a small amoun

t of vinegar.The result of the work should be similar in consistency with sour cream.

prepare this recipe requires calmness, patience, time and skill.The first experience might not be successful, will help to improve the situation additional products:

• not thick sour cream in a ratio of one to one.
• Whipped cream can be added to mayonnaise weight slowly, stirring gently.The resulting sauce is suited to a variety of salads and desserts.
• A small amount of fresh greens, only improve the flavor and taste of the product.It is appropriate to be parsley, dill, onions, celery and so on.
• Pickled cucumbers are very finely ground can change and create a unique spicy flavor.Cucumber is desirable to choose smaller, pre-peeled.Their number must not exceed the fourth part of the mass of mayonnaise.
• A good supplement can serve finely chopped or ground into minced herring fillets.Fans of sprats can safely add a small amount of chopped canned.
• Slightly pounded, boiled eggs will give a delicate flavor.
• tomatoes, horseradish, different jam, cooked vegetables - all this can be added to suit individual taste requirements.This experiment will allow to prepare a unique product that is suitable to a variety of dishes and appreciate its unique flavor palette.

author of the publication: Valery Samoylov

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