Pies with cabbage

Pies with cabbage

pies cooking process consists of four steps:

  • 1. kneading the dough,
  • 2. cooking cabbage filling,
  • 3. forming patties and
  • 4. baking in the oven.

1. In a large bowl is filled with a little warmed milk (200 ml).In milk, stirring with a spoon, dissolved sugar (1 tbsp. Spoon), yeast Saf Moment (1.5 tsp.) And sunflower oil (1 tbsp. Spoon).Then cup sifted flour (350 g) is added to the salt (0.5 tsp.), And the kneaded dough.Even fill up approximately 100-150 g of flour to the dough get soft consistency, and kept pace with the hands and the walls of the cookware.Then it is put in a warm place in a bowl covered with a tea towel.After hours of yeast dough rise in the volume of almost 2-fold.It should obmyat and then leave covered with a rise by about the same time.

2. Gender should shred cabbage.To let the cabbage juice it needs to add salt and mash by hand grinding.Onion (1 medium head) cleaned and finely cut.Vegetable oil (2-3 tbsp. Tablespoons) until golden brown fried onion and peeled and gra

ted carrots (1-2 pieces).Then in the pan add the cabbage and everything is fried with stirring, about 5-7 minutes.Add salt and pepper to taste and boiled water (80-100 mL).The filling is stewed for about 15-30 minutes, covered, until the liquid evaporation.Periodically stir the vegetables.Cabbage is better to shift the plate to quickly cooled.

3. obmyat dough and roll into a bundle, cut it into pieces and roll into a round flat cakes.The filling is spread with a spoon on the dough circles.The edges of the pie should be connected and the blind.

4. Finished cakes spread the laid paper baking pan seam side down.Before sending them in the oven, it is necessary to give up.This is called to put on the proofer, approximately 20 minutes on top of the cakes smeared yolk using cooking brush.With the oven at 180-200̊ until golden color, about 15 minutes.

author of the publication: Alice Egorov