Salads for the New Year 2014

Every housewife allocates special attention to the preparation and execution of the New salads.I spent a lot of effort, patience and time in their preparation, thinking through style cooking, the original type of food suitable for the theme of coming years, all aimed at capacity, surprise guests, to present something new and extraordinary.There are a lot of opportunities, and to choose and make its own flavor - this is important in this process.That is not to lose the hero of the year - the symbol of the animal is necessarily present in these dishes.To all this happened we look illustration with ready food sources, the use of Internet resources where also a lot of pictures of salads as an image or pattern.

feast for New Year 2014, you must also prepare diligently, you can practice in this business and make some salads for pre-tasting, especially if you choose the new types of salads with ingredients that have not previously used.Suitable for a culinary masterpiece, and basic salads, which we know from

childhood, and their taste is familiar to everyone.These salads as herring under a fur coat, Olivier salad of crab sticks are loved by all of us, so we can take them as a basis and to give a new appearance, giving a specific design style, you will conquer the hearts of loved ones, maybe they do not even know at first the old salad with a new decoration.And it must be borne in mind that coming to us horse loves vegetables, so you need to choose a lot of vegetable salads, the more they will help in decorating.What you get in the end, do not forget to photograph and send to our website, because your ideas may also, who - it is useful and inspire

author of the publication: Nikita Rybakov