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Diet for Ado

Diet for Ado Andrei Ado - known Soviet and Russian scientist, professor and Doctor of Medical Sciences, who presented for the first time a few decades ago his works in the field of allergy.Today, thanks to him that there is an effective diet for children Ado , which helps to remove the allergic reactions and reduce the risk of their occurrence in the future.

Now the problem of allergies among children are increasingly gaining ground.And school and pre-school children are affected by various types of allergies.Even in newborns and infants up to 1 year meets food allergic reaction and irritation from dust, pollen, drugs, hair cats or dogs.If we observe the hypoallergenic diet of the above-mentioned domestic doctor, in this case it can be quickly overcome the disease.

Diet for Ado

hypoallergenic diet for Ado

This system diet refers to the so-callednonspecific hypoallergenic diet.The basic principle of its construction: do not eat all the foods that can cause allergic reactions.It is worth noting that the power of Ado doe

s not take into account the individual nuances and peculiarities of each child suffering from a similar disease, because if the child does not transfer any product, originally included in the diet diet, it should be deleted.

diet of Ado is recommended for all age groups of children.If you have a genetic predisposition to allergies, children should be taught to this diet to infants.

diet of Ado - the basic principles

enumerate all basic foods or dishes that it is necessary to remove from the diet during acute illness and after improvement:

  • coffee, cocoa, chocolate, candy
  • Mushrooms
  • Honeynuts
  • Whole milk
  • Any citrus
  • Any species of fish, seafood, caviar, crab sticks
  • Bird
  • Smoked products
  • Tomatoes, eggplant
  • Acute food
  • Alcohol
  • melon, pineapple, strawberries and strawberries
  • eggs and any foods where they are present (pastries, protein creams)

list of authorized products:

  • Boiled beef
  • Soups of vegetables (vegetarian)
  • butter - butter or vegetable
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Tea, sugar, white bread (nesdobnoe)
  • Kashi milk and water
  • kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese
  • cucumbers (fresh), watermelon
  • Spices
  • baked apples, dried fruit, plum, cherry and currant

Diet for Ado

Since the diet of Ado is severely restricted diet, it is not recommended to stick to it for a long time, as it will lead to a deficiency of proteins and may adversely affect the physical development of the baby.As a rule, it later formed the basis for each individual child's diet and maintained a food diary, which records all appeared allergic reactions.

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