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Less pound system

Less pound system just a few years since the advent of the web system "Minus pound" has helped hundreds and thousands of people to throw off excess weight and gain a slender figure.A nutritionist from Novosibirsk Victor Mercator, who is the author of techniques offered a decent system that provides a stable weight reduction , and what is its main advantage.This diet does not mean a strict limitation in food - you can have almost anything they like, but it is important to carefully monitor the calorie food, which is calculated separately for each individual using the online calculator system or by a special formula.

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On assurance of the author, the diet minus the pound will remove approximately 400-500 g of weight loss in a week, and we are talking about the fat tissue.Every day you need to be weighed and thus adjust the diet the next week by the formula (see. Below).If you are constantly dieting, for the year can throw 21 kg weight and keep at that level.

Less pound system

weight loss formula "Less pound»

The first step is to know your individual daily consumption of energy.To do this, use the following formula proposed by Viktor:

[height (cm) - age (years)] x 6 + [weight (kg) x 20] = X kcal.

explain a concrete example: if growth - 175 cm, weight - 82 kg, age - 35 years, in the course of calculations we obtain (175 - 35) x 6 + (82 x 20) = 2480 kcal.

The official website of the system minus the pound can calculate calorie your diet with a free calculator.

That is, if the daily human diet contains 2480 calories, the weight will remain the same in this case.Accordingly, in order to lose weight, you should reduce caloric intake by 400 kcal.As a result, we get 2080 kcal - daily caloric intake system Less pound.

According to Mercator, no matter what time of day you eat more: morning, afternoon or evening.Most importantly, adhere calculated by the formula calories and do not deviate from this value.

Less pound system

Advantages diet

  • power supply system is not rigid and is harmless to the body
  • allowed to eat in the evening
  • There are no forbidden foods
  • able to adjust the weight any minor it changes


  • One must always count calories
  • undesirable to eat in public, sincethis can lead to weight gain Regular weighing

Given that diet cons are minor, and the pros imply safety and effectiveness of weight loss, it can be said that the system minus a pound - a worthy and sensible weight loss method.


Anna, 28 years old. For 2 years kicked off 35 kg!I feel great!

Elena, 34 years old. slightly thinner thanks to this diet, but the weight I was initially a little.Also improved health.

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