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We say goodbye to kilograms of the Belgian diet

Belgian nutritionists have developed a new diet, highlighting among the female body are three basic types.For each of them, a program that allows you to comfortably get rid of excess weight.

is summer, and you have - those extra kilos?Or trendy sundress, primereniya recently in the boutique too tight, not adding attractive figure?To flee for liposuction?Or, will acupuncture and chiropractic?Maybe hypnosis?No - it's time to think about a diet!Especially that the Belgian nutritionists, highlighting the three body types of women, we will present a fashionable novelty.
We say goodbye to kilograms of the Belgian diet

  • Ladies first type has a soft shapes that make them look like antique statues.Fine soft skin, smooth curves, as can still dream of a woman?But with such a constitution, and there is a problem of cellulite, as all body fat is formed on the thighs and buttocks.
  • seems to be slightly built woman with narrow hips spared from this scourge, but they have not been without trouble - extra weight occur in the abdominal area.
  • Rounding out this cl
    assification of the fair sex stocky, about the figure that says "knocked".
  • What is the meaning of this division?It depends on the type of physique program that helps organize food.It is designed for three days, for which the "go" one and a half kilograms.If necessary, it can be repeated for each type of food, nutritionists have tried to do is not only useful but also delicious and varied.

    "Antique" ladies have high levels of estrogen, so a three-day diet for them involves a large amount of fresh vegetables, citrus juices, cheese and olive oil.As part of the menu as grain breads, low-fat cottage cheese, vegetable soup, steamed vegetables and a blend of spices, which is recommended to use all three days.For its preparation will need a blender, which must be mixed together in one bunch of parsley and basil, thirty grams of parmesan cheese, garlic cloves three, three tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and two - balsamic vinegar.

    Fragile "elves", on the contrary lack of estrogen, so the diet for them is somewhat different: cereal, walnuts, brown rice, dried fruit - it's every day.Tomatoes, canned corn and onions, dressed with olive oil, soy yogurt and tofu, avocado, peppers, braised with garlic and ground beef.

    And finally, "Amazon", in which there is a surplus of male hormones.They recommended the black bread and low-fat turkey fillet, salad with grated raw carrots, boiled beets and lettuce, boiled chicken with rice, spaghetti with vegetable sauce.

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