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Post: harm or benefit?

Meals during Lent Meals during Lent - the subject of discussions not only in religious circles.Too many women are moving to lean food in the spring, just to bring the figure into shape for the summer.The Orthodox Church does not approve of such motives, but our article is not about the spiritual and dietary side of the post.

Modern nutritionists literally "scare" us extra carbohydrates and lean table is usually full of these substances.However, many people fast and lose weight.Needless to repeat their experience?

benefits of fasting Fasting

can be useful as a "bridge" from ordinary life to a healthy diet.

you learn to control the amount of oil in dishes refuse cholesterol sources such as fat fried meat, butter and fatty dairy products.

In addition, considerably reduced the proportion of candy.Of course, if you do not set out to seek out and purchase Lenten pastries and chocolate, the amount of 'ballast food "in the diet decreases.

Fasting argue that sustain the post is much easier than any diet .The psychological effect of fasting is quite understandable - you concentrate on cleansing and spiritual side of fasting diet without putting at the forefront.Next to you the people who eat the same way and in cafes and restaurants is much easier to explain what you need to lean meal than to tell what kind of diet you practice today.

Benefits of fasting for health improvement
transition to a vegan diet with lots of cereals from natural grains, vegetables, and fruits and nuts helps to normalize digestion.Problems like constipation, "sluggish bowel syndrome," high blood pressure due to too greasy and "salt" diet will remain in the past.

it possible to lose weight in the post

Experts say - you can lose weight in a fast, and whenever you want, unless you eat a balanced and consume fewer calories than you spend during the day.Sense switches to a vegetarian (in lax positions) and vegan (during Lent) diet and continue to overeat no.If the first thing you start stocking candy and meatless Lenten mayonnaise, download recipes lenten pies, and especially do not comply with the religious canon, perhaps you should start with less strict diet that you will instill proper eating habits.

Very often overeat fasting completely "harmless" seeds and nuts, and even use dried almost kilograms.From the point of view of physiology explain this effect.A man deprived of milk and meat, the overall glycemic index meals growing appetite increases, so we nibbled all the most satisfying and delicious.So, to lose weight you need to stick to the balance in the diet, and follow the recommendations of nutritionists.

Diet Post: opinion nutritionists

general "idea" diet during fasting is better to take the famous dietician Anatoly Volkov.It's simple - lean table does not have to be uniform, the average monthly man should "repeat" meals 3-4 times.Although this approach is contrary to Orthodox canon.Church prescribes weekdays there once a day, and on Saturday and Sunday - 2 times, and choose the most simple food, not "indulge the belly."In addition, Lazarus Saturday, you can spawn, and on the Annunciation, on Palm Sunday - river fish.

RAMS RF inexplicably ignores the tradition of fasting and did not make public the recommendations on nutrition.In these circumstances, we can use «vegan pyramid" American Dietetic Association .

The basis of the diet of 6-11 (100 g boiled) water servings of cereals, pulses, vegetable and bread loaves.
Three portions of this amount should be "delivered" through tofu, soybeans, yogurt and other soy protein products.
Additionally, you can eat 3-5 servings of vegetables, 2-3 fruits, as well as 4 teaspoons of flaxseed oil or 30 g of nuts.

How to come up with a post

According to Volkov, the number of emergency calls quickens just in Easter week, when the people "off" after 40 days of abstinence.Doing this is not necessary.

If you lose weight - eat after fasting low-fat cottage cheese instead of the classic Easter with butter and eggs.Refrain from cake (no more than one 30-gram slice of the holiday table), you enter into the diet of dairy products and no more than one portion of oily fish per day.

week Try to do without fatty meat simply by changing your "vegetarian" pyramid beans on sour milk, fish and cheese.Only after 7 days you can actively involve in the diet of animal protein without the risk better.

Alcohol is quite poorly absorbed after fasting.Therefore, refrain from any "libation" in addition to a glass of dry red wine at the banquet table.To aid digestion, you can take any tool with bifidobacteria, but only if you feel heaviness in the stomach.

Harm post

Don Jackson Blanter expert the American Dietetic Association, MD, says that a vegetarian meatless diet anyway poor in iodine, zinc, iron, high-grade protein and B vitamins to overcome the lack of nutrients inpost, you will not only consume the vitamins and minerals in a synthetic form, but also beneficial to the body count combinations of vegetables, cereals and soybeans in advance.A thoughtless transition to a meatless diet can result in slowing down the recovery of muscle tissue, decreased immunity and worsening of chronic diseases.

chief dietitian clinic "Emerald» Marianna Trifonova believes that fasting is useful only if the person has an eating disorder, otherwise it may harm .The habit of overeating combined with a diet deficient of proteins can play with a man bad joke.

M.Trifonova describes the case when the girl, eating some fruits and vegetables, not only managed to stretch the stomach, but also completely lose femininity.

nutritionists This effect is associated with lack of omega-three and full of protein.So try to observe the fast wisely and you will be able to maintain health and to lose weight.

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