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Brazilian rigid diet menus, reviews

Brazilian rigid diet menus, reviews In pursuit of methods to get rid of extra kilos, women have tried many diets and not the least of these is the Brazilian diet.Perhaps someone may find it too hard, or vice versa, the abundance of different products, but it is effective enough and in just one week, you can leave in the past up to 5 kg.

General rules for the Brazilian diet

course diet is from seven to fourteen days.During this period, a daily ration comprises vegetables, fruit, fish and meat diet.All products are assembled and divided into small portions, the meal is divided into regular intervals throughout the day.Dinner must not be later than 18 hours.Mandatory condition of this way of eating - the lack of any products, appetite stimulants, including condiments and spices.

fluid in the diet consists of a variety of fresh fruit juices and non-carbonated mineral water, which can be replaced or spring melt water.

Products included in the menu is absolutely not expensive and available to residents of any country.

diet is so simple to implement and effective in burning fat that quickly became popular outside of Brazil.Every woman can choose the one option of the Brazilian diet, but a prerequisite - it is strictly to use those products that are listed in the menu, and not to replace them with the same.

first version of the diet

calculated Brazilian diet for 14 days, but you can extend its term for another two weeks.

Menu for three meals completely identical: to eat one boiled egg and 1 green apple and drink 1 portion of strong black coffee.

Stiffness diet probably lies in the fact that the second menu item is identical to the first.

If hunger becomes unbearable, it is allowed to drink a glass of very cold water.

1 reception - 2 boiled eggs, 2 reception - 100 grams of beef for a couple, 3 reception - a salad of spinach with a drop of olive oil.

1 reception - 1 egg "poached" and 1 serving of coffee is Brazilian, 2 reception - 100 g of steam fish meal 3 consists of 2 eggs.

1 reception - a portion of black coffee and 1 egg, 2 reception - 1 tomato and 2 egg whites, 3 Reception - 100 grams of fish a couple and any green vegetables (cabbage, zucchini, cucumber, lettuce, etc.).

1 reception - serving coffee, 1 egg, 2 reception - 100 grams of beef boiled or steamed, 1 cucumber, 3 Reception - 100 g cooked meat and serve coffee.

1 reception - 1 egg and 1 cup of coffee, 2 reception - 150 grams of white chicken meat and 130 grams of vegetables, 3 Reception - 130 g chicken meat and 50 g of vegetables, green apple and serving coffee.

menu next week, "sitting" on a diet does not differ from the first.

second version of the diet

This Brazilian diet for 7 days can give quick results.The menu in this case, more diverse, but the portions smaller, and the number of meals increased to five.

first meal consists of 1 orange, 1 banana and 1 cup citrus juice
second - 1 of croutons and 1 tbsp.juice of green apple
third - 100 g steam fish, 100 g of raw vegetables (can be mixed)
fourth - 100 g steam fish and 100 g of raw vegetables
Fifth - 1 tbsp.citrus juice and 1 toast

1st: 1 egg "poached" and 1 tbsp.juice of green apple
2nd: 1 toast and 1 tbsp.juice of apples
3rd: 100 g boiled dietary meat, 2 baked potato tuber and 6 lettuce
4th: salad 50 grams of meat, 1 egg cooked 2 tablespoons of green peas and a few leaves of lettuce
5th:a glass of juice of green apples and 1 toast

1st: 1 toast and 1 tbsp.skim milk
2nd: 100 g cottage cheese 0% fat
3rd: 100 g of steamed rice, salad with 50 g of greens, 50 g of cabbage and 50 g lemon pulp
4th: 100 g cooked meat, 1 greenapple, 4 large lettuce leaves
5th: 1 toast and Art.juice of apples

1st: a quarter of a small pineapple pulp and 1 tbsp.pineapple juice
2nd: 1 toast and a glass of pineapple juice
3rd: 100 grams of meat a couple, 30 g cheese, 1 orange
4th: 2 baked potato tuber, 140 grams of grated carrots, spiced with a couple of drops of linseed oil
5th: 1 toast and a glass of pineapple juice

1st: 1 toast and 1 juice
2nd: 1 orange plus 1 apple
3rd: 150 g steam or boiled fish, 120 g of boiled carrots
4th: vegetable soup for lean meat broth - 250 ml, plus a slice of corn bread
5th1 toast and a glass of mango juice

1st: 1 toast and 1 juice
2nd: 140 grams of salad from raw beets with a drop of olive oil
3rd: vegetable soup with vegetable broth, 30 g of corn bread
4th: 120 grams of the cooked mushrooms and 120 grams of any vegetable
5th1 toast and 1 juice

1st: 150 g of blue grapes 1 banana
2nd: 1 toast and 1 tbsp.dark grape juice
3rd: 100 g steam meat, 120 grams of salad from cabbage, onions, herbs and lemon in equal proportions
4th: 250 ml fish or mushroom soup, 100 grams of fruit salad
5th: 150Mr. grapes, dark varieties, or 1 tbsp.grape juice

With wildly popular Brazilian diet has only positive reviews, but, like any other, requires prior consultation by a specialist dietician and has a contraindication for pregnant and lactating women, and is not advisable for patients nephrologist.For the rest, there are no contraindications, and the Brazilian diet can be for everyone a new way of life.