Low-Carb Diets

Diet "szhigatelnitsa fat"

If strict weight loss diet is not suitable for you, because you prefer to decide for themselves what is today, and tomorrow, you can try multivariate diet with the promising title "szhigatelnitsa fat."

szhigatelnitsa fat Due to the low-carb diet in the diet, the body is forced to burn fat.Recommended duration of a diet - seven days.

The basic rules of diet:

  • 1. necessarily have breakfast within 2 hours after waking up, or drop blood sugar levels.
  • 2. The diet involves eating 4:
  • breakfast - from 6 to 9 hours and choose one of the options from lists 1 and 2,
    for lunch - from 10 to 13 hours and choose one of the options from the lists 1,2 and 3,
    afternoon tea - from 14 to 16 hours and choose one of the options from the lists 1, 2 and 3,
    for dinner - from 17 to 20 hours, choose one of the options from lists 1 and 2.

    List 1 - proteins:

    2 chicken eggs in any form,
    170 g of tuna or other lean fish (or as much of marine mollusks),
    a tea cup cottage cheese - skim or 2% low-fat,
    120 ml of skim milk(low-fat yogurt

    ) plus polportsii any product from the same list of 1,
    110 g lean pork ham (beef, chicken, turkey),
    60 g of any low-fat cheese,
    1 tea cup of boiled soybeans or soy tofu,
    30 g of anynuts.
    2 tbsp.spoon any nut butter (almond and so on. n.),

    list 2 - fruit and vegetables:

    2 tea cups of any berry or 2 identical fruit is medium in size (you can eat one right, and the other - later)- except bananas, grapes, melons.
    6 teacups any raw vegetables or a salad of them,
    3 teacups any vegetables, steamed (except potatoes, peas and corn),
    1,5 teacup corn or green peas, 60 g of dried fruit

    list 3 - carbohydrates:

    1 slice of bread,
    1 small muffin,
    0,25 donut,
    0,5 cup of cooked rice or pasta with tomato sauce,
    0,5 teacup boiled potatoes,
    average ear of corn or four flat cakes from corn flour (as thin as pita bread, no sugar),
    2 tea cups of popcorn without gravy,
    15 g low-fat crackers or potato chips.

    It is worth recalling that there are products which themselves are considered "fat burners", for example,

    • grapefruit, which reduces the level of insulin and reduces the desire to eat something,
    • drinking water and insufficient its use retardmetabolism.Reduced blood glucose levels, which are symptoms of weakness and dizziness.
    • any protein food, proteins are necessary for the formation of muscle mass, do not be afraid that you will become a "pitching", but if the muscles are not developed - this is one of the causes of low metabolism.

    Another prerequisite is an intense fat burning exercise, preferably aerobic.

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