The Kiev's cutlets

The Kiev


  • Chicken - 1 bird
    Butter - about 150 grams
    Salt, pepper
    Egg - 2 pcs
    Wheat flour
    not fresh bread
    Vegetable oil

incised chicken and a little repulse.Then rub the chops with salt and pepper.Butter is compressed in a fist, dipped in salt and pepper, put on cooked fillets and add the chopped dill and parsley.Then, tightly rolled fillet, so that was not much filling.Carefully boned cutlets in flour.

In order to simplify the process further breading cutlets are advised to cool before roasting, place them in the freezer and leave for 20 minutes.

While our burgers are cooled in the freezer, we're gonna beat 2 eggs and using a grater, chop the bread.In a frying pan, pour vegetable oil, with regard to the bottom was covered by at least 1.5 centimeters, and put on a heated tile.

take out of the fridge chilled meatballs, dip in beaten eggs, then collapses in flour, dip in egg again, dipped in crushed bread and send the prepared roasting pan.Roast until cooked produce, for

about 20-25 minutes over moderate heat, turning the chops as needed to prevent scorching.The finished dish is served at the table hot.

author of the publication: Alice Egorov