Cake with oranges

Cake with oranges

  • butter 100g
  • sugar 120g
  • eggs 2 pcs.
  • yeast dry 1 hour.Spoon
  • flour 120g
  • Orange 1pc.
  • butter for baking as leave
  • flour for the baking tray will leave many

To decorate:

  • orange 2 pcs.
  • powdered sugar 120g
  • orange liqueur 1ryumka

soft butter, sugar, beat the cream to the state in a pot.Divide the egg whites and put into a second bowl.The separated yolks 1 thing enter into the cream and continue beating.

To prepare the dough bases combine yeast and sifted flour and carefully introduce 1 spoon in a lot of cream.Three orange zest and orange juice to turn.The oven can be already included.Protein shake up in the cool foam and add to batter, stir gently, that the proteins do not sit.Traditionally, bottom scoop spoon mixture and lead her upstairs.

Prepare baking: lubricating oil and then sprinkle with flour, pour the dough and gently align it.Baking time - 35minutes.The finished basis for the cake from the oven and allowed to cool it.

Decoration.To prepare the g

laze must be in the pan at the same time warm juice of 1 orange with powdered sugar.After removing from heat add to the mix a glass of orange liqueur.

Take a beautiful dish to the table, pass on the finished cake and silicone brush Apply the glaze and laid on top of each other slices of thinly sliced ​​orange.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva

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