Macaroon recipe

Macaroon recipe

  • 120g.
  • raw almonds 30 gr.flour
  • 3 pcs.crude protein
  • cup granulated sugar 1 tbsp
  • .l.butter
  • 30 oz.flour to form

send raw almonds in a blender and grind well.Pour a cup of sugar, grind.Pour the whites and whisk in the blender for 20-30 seconds.Put on a little fire (I put on a steam bath).A little warm up and carefully stir to completely dissolve the sugar grains.Stir and sprinkle a little flour.Remove from the heat.The consistency of your dough should resemble a thick sour cream (if much rare to add a pinch of flour).The oven heats up to 190 degrees.
bottom of the form, which will be baked cookies, lay a parchment or foil.Coat soft butter on top of the sieve to sift the form of 30 grams.flour.

on baking dough, you can put what you want: you can spoon possible from the pastry bag or a syringe.We reserve the space between the cookies by 3 centimeters, as it will spread further.You can do any shape - stripes or circles.I baked these cookies very quickly - a maximum of 15 minutes.The main

thing is to grab an egg.When you see that a cookie brightened, and the tip of the cracked - and then you can get ready.It is important to immediately shift into another bowl, so on a hot baking they do not dry.

author of the publication: Margarita Ignatova