Protein diet

Protein diet for muscle mass

Diet for muscle not only helps to increase the muscle, but also reduce the amount of fat, which means it can be due to markedly lose weight and make your body more prominent and attractive.This cunning and bodybuilders use, but now I will tell her and the ladies.After all, such a diet is equally well suited for women and men, but it is best to apply it at a young age, as older people especially the body does not make it easy to transfer these changes in the diet .. protein diet is often used by athletes and, as I saidbodybuilders, as they needed muscle mass as anyone else.But it is now becoming popular among women, overweight, as its main advantage lies in the fact that the weight is thrown back, and it does not have to exert much effort.

Diet for a set of muscle mass does not have a time limit, it can be used for as long as required by the task at hand.In addition, there are no specific rules on the "input" and "output" from the diet, the only recommendation - to increase and decrease the amount of

protein foods should be gradual to avoid problems with digestion or metabolism.

protein diet for an athlete for effective muscle mass due to the fact that the diet is mainly present in some proteins, but because they are the main building blocks of our body.The number of fat intake should be avoided entirely, or minimized.This is necessary so that the body took the necessary energy for its operation from its own stores of fat instead of the one used in food.The amount of carbohydrates should also be limited because of their body and receives the energy, in addition, excess carbohydrates are usually converted into fat.

Based diet to build muscle on several principles that are easy to remember, and even easier to comply with.So,

  1. There must be at least 6 times a day.This also applies to those who simply want to lose weight and those who seek to actively build muscle.The only fundamental difference - slimming portions should be quite small, but for muscle building - a little more.
  2. fat intake should be the minimum.Let the body spends those stocks that he has.Are permitted to eat only fatty fish, because fish oil is very helpful.Just a little bit, you can eat vegetable fats.Full their exclusion is only suitable for an active slimming, athletes as a little fat, but necessary.
  3. Food should be high-calorie. protein diet for an athlete and men - this is not the salads and fruits.If the primary goal is only to lose weight, stick to this principle, it is not necessary.Athletes are best to eat food high in calories, as it promotes good absorption of nutrients and prevents overload of the digestive system.All of this eventually leads to a speedy muscle gain.
  4. diet to increase muscle mass involves drinking plenty of fluids.When the active training of water should not be less than 3 liters.It is unacceptable occurrence of dehydration, you need to drink at every occurrence of thirst
  5. necessary to properly allocate portions.The bulk of food, namely 70% of the daily requirement, shall be eaten up to 4 hours.After this time, you can easily eat foods rich in protein, such as yogurt, egg whites, cottage cheese.Athletes need to eat 2 hours before exercise, and after 1-1.5 thereafter.
  6. sure to actively move or exercise.Only under this condition may build muscles. protein diet for men and women require mandatory exercise.

diet for muscle growth is very simple.Its main diet should be meat and dairy products.Because of this it is so popular among men, for whom meat is the main diet.But if using this diet, men can lose weight, women may put on weight.It is important to observe protein diet for weight gain for women .It has its own nuances.