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Hemorrhoids - Symptoms and Treatment

According to statistics, 10 to 15 percent of adults who encountered such a serious disease like hemorrhoids.Often they suffer from this illness by men, but increasingly are turning to the doctor is a woman, most likely because of the responsibility towards their own health.

Hemorrhoids - Symptoms and Treatment

addition to unpleasant discomfort, the disease is fraught with serious complications such as thrombosis, iron deficiency anemia, and many others.

causes of hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids

peculiar disease appear in people as retribution for what they go straight.The problem of this nature will not face pets.Gravity acts evenly on the body of the animal, so that there is no stagnation of the blood or in the hind legs four-legged friends, nor in their intestines.As for the people, the gravity increases the stress on certain vessels.Most often, the disease experienced by people whose professional activity is directly related to the standing or sedentary work: accountants, drivers, teachers.Provoke the disease frequent constipation, p

regnancy, childbirth, in other words, a state in which there is an increase in intra-abdominal pressure.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids:

- bleeding from the rectum after emptying;

- blood in the stool;

- pain in the anus;

- dropping out of the anus hemorrhoids.

Diagnosing hemorrhoids

Identification and treatment of this disease has been a proctologist.It carried out a number of essential research that depend on common complaints and symptoms of the disease:

1. Research finger - the main method of diagnosis of hemorrhoids and other diseases proctologic.

2. Sigmoidoscopy is considered to be one of precise and common variants of diagnosing colon.Is performed using a sigmoidoscopy.

3. Irrigoscopy relates to X-ray examination of the large intestine.

4. Anoscopy is the inspection of the anal canal and rectum using a anoscope.

5. Colonoscopy is an endoscopic examination of the colon.

6. Coprogram - Deposit fecal analysis to identify or exclude mucus, foreign inclusions character undigested food residue.

7. Delivery feces for detecting the presence of blood.

8. Blood donation is needed to detect the presence or absence of anemia.

What can you do

If you notice symptoms, immediately seek the help of a specialist.Do not delay a visit to the proctologist, because the disease has a number of serious complications.Equally important in the treatment of a struggle with constant constipation by changing diet, which must include fruits, vegetables, bran, that is, products in which there is tissue in large numbers.Also, the treatment of the disease is important active lifestyle and receive effective drugs laxative effect.

What will the doctor

To eliminate pain and inflammation in the rectum, the doctor prescribes special medical ointments, gels and candles.But the main way of treatment is considered to be surgery.Depending on the intensity of spotting and severity of the disease using a variety of surgical correction methods.

What can be complications

the most dangerous complication is thrombosis of hemorrhoidal veins and the subsequent development of the inflammatory process.For this disease is characterized by acute pain, which becomes constant, whereby not only causes difficulty emptying, but also a process of movement.Upon detection of such complications the patient requires immediate hospitalization.

treatment of hemorrhoids traditional medicines and drugs in the home


This is one of the effective means of treatment of hemorrhoids, which quickly removes the pain and discomfort.Applied candles for the night, usually after emptying and subsequent washing of the anus.Considered the most effective honey, chamomile, as well as potato candles.

Potato candles.Take one potato and cut out the candle, put it into the anus.Pre candle grease with vegetable oil so as not to injure the sensitive mucosa.Leaving the medicine at night, remove it in the morning.Candle without problems will come along with the feces.Instead of candles recommend Grate a raw potato and putting the resulting mass in gauze, insert the swab into the anus.

chamomile candles.It is necessary to make the broth.For this purpose, you need to pour a tablespoon of herbs with one cup of boiling water and keep in a water bath for 25 minutes.Once the broth has cooled, pour it in a small amount of medical fingertip, then secure the open end with rubber bands and put in the freezer.Once the freeze plug, insert it into the rectum until dissolved.

candles buckthorn.Moisten a cotton swab into the sea buckthorn oil, inserting it into the rectum at night.

Candles of honey.Cut these candles from saharennogo natural honey.


Special ointment, avoid the hemorrhoids made yourself at home from herbs and ingredients of natural origin, is considered an excellent remedy for inflammation, healing wounds on the anus that often accompany hemorrhoids.

Kalendulovaya ointment.To prepare, you need to connect the 5 grams kalendulovoy infusion with 10 grams of vaseline.Thereafter, the resultant mixture is required to add 70% alcohol.Lubricate the anus with a mixture of the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening.

An ointment made from the oil of narcissus, is considered an excellent anesthetic.To prepare the need to connect the flowers with chopped vegetable oil and leave for insisting for weeks.

To prepare the ointment from the mummy, you will need about 0.5 grams of this means that you need to grind to a complete softening.Then you can start to blur the anus.For internal hemorrhoids, you need to insert the medicine into the rectum at night.Take also into the mummy times a day before meals, a solution of 0.5 grams in a few tablespoons of cold purified water.

ointment, made from propolis, quickly, effectively eliminates the pain and inflammation.It is necessary to connect rastёrtogo propolis 10 grams with 100 grams of dissolved butter.Then, using a water bath to heat the mixture for 15 minutes.After this hot mass is filtered and ready to smear the cracks in the problem areas.It is not necessary to rub the ointment is enough to smear it lightly with a thin layer.


sufficiently effective hemorrhoids considered enema of herbs, because they help eliminate inflammation, itching, discomfort in the rectum.However, it is important to know that enemas are contraindicated in erosion, bleeding, ulcers, colon, as well as a prolapsed hemorrhoid to eliminate acute inflammation.

In the treatment of several types of enemas used, including oil, purifying and herbal.

When using cleansing enemas perfectly eliminated gases stool that hardened due to constipation.Prepare them from the usual warm boiled water.For maximum effect is added at the request of a few tablespoons or sea salt or a few tablespoons of glycerine or a glass of chamomile broth.

herbal enema is prepared from herbal infusions after the enema.Herbal enema need a small amount, not more than 100 ml.Suit herbs such as chamomile, wormwood, strawberry leaves and others.

decoction of flax seed.To make the broth need to pour one cup of boiling water a few tablespoons of seeds and infuse for about three to four hours.The resulting broth is introduced in the form of heat microclysters volume of not more than 50 ml.If a strong inflammatory process decreases the amount of enema.

Chamomile decoction.It is necessary to brew in a glass recently a boiling water a few tablespoons of chamomile flowers.Then leave infuse for sixty minutes, then strain the resulting broth healing.

Strawberry broth.It is necessary to pour one cup of boiling water a tablespoon of strawberry leaves and covering, leave to broth can sit for thirty minutes.

decoction of the herb wormwood.You need to pour 4-5 tablespoons of sage one liter of boiling water and put on low heat for 5 minutes.Then you have to wrap the resulting broth towel and leave for a maximum infusion for six or seven hours.

decoction of herbs.It needs to connect to 30 grams of sage, chamomile, horse chestnut seeds with 50 grams of oak bark and 7-8 tablespoons of nightshade.All these herbs need to pour a few liters of boiling water and leave for insisting on for four hours.Enema decoction of herbs eliminate pain in problem areas.

oil enemas are mainly placed in the permanent chair to ease constipation as olive, sunflower or paraffin oil gently envelops the intestinal mucosa, contributing to the process of emptying mild.To add the warm oil well chamomile broth or another.

Baths, hirudotherapy, compresses for hemorrhoids

Spa at such disease as hemorrhoids, with the addition of herbs eliminate acute pain, relieve progressive inflammatory process.Use cold baths, hot and steam.

To prepare a cold bath water is used at room temperature.The deep tank is necessary to pour a liter of water, add potassium permanganate to the water acquired a pink tint.Well take such a bath in the morning and in the evening, but the duration should not reach more than five minutes.

To prepare a hot bath used decoctions of various herbs, for example, is perfectly suitable bark of horse chestnut.For the preparation required to take one liter of boiling water about 50 grams of bark.The resulting mass is put on the fire to boil for 20 minutes, then leave to infuse.

During Reception steam bath warming occurs hemorrhoids steam.In a small container, pour the broth of herbs hot and crouch over the outgoing steam.Carry out the procedure until cool bath.

have excellent analgesic effect compresses made from strawberry leaves and chamomile flowers.Prepare the broth and, after cooling them soak a soft cloth, which must then be applied to the anus, changing as needed.Herbs can be replaced gruel prepared from grated beets or carrots.

For internal use in getting rid of hemorrhoids great help to such herbal tea:

- pochechuyny knotweed.You will need to pour half a liter of boiling water a few teaspoons of grass.After the cooking process for 15 minutes, leave for one hour infusion.After straining broth should be taken in the morning, afternoon and evening for half a glass before a meal.

- St. John's wort.It is necessary to pour one cup of boiling water a tablespoon of herbs.Boil for 15-20 minutes on low heat, strain and take the inside of three or four tablespoons three times a day.

- horsetail.It is necessary to pour one cup of water a boiling recently a few tablespoons of herbs.After insisting for sixty minutes, strain.Take the inside throughout the day in small sips.

- Rowan juice.Good to add a little sugar or natural honey.Drink 100 grams in the morning, afternoon and evening, with a little water.

girudoterapiya has long been used in the treatment of hemorrhoids.To do this, gemorroynye cones put leeches.Suck blood, leeches fall away, and the bumps quickly wither.

prisasyvayas to problem areas, leeches secrete substances that have a therapeutic effect on the hemorrhoids.It is these substances thin the blood clots, suspend the process of blood clotting and have anti-inflammatory action.

treatment of such diseases as hemorrhoids, not an easy task.For the complete redemption, it is important to establish the causes that trigger the disease to prevent serious complications.

why hemorrhoids, it is important to stick to a diet, eliminate constipation, eat foods that contain a lot of fiber, to give up fried, fatty, and the flour foods always drink only purified water in large quantities.

In addition, it is important to move as much as possible, to stop smoking and drinking, constantly perform therapeutic exercises for hemorrhoids.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva