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Appendicitis - Symptoms

appendix in humans only one.This means that appendicitis can occur only if a person is not removed surgically earlier.

The symptoms of appendicitis

know the main symptoms of the disease should be one, because when they appear most often require surgery.It does not hope that the pain will pass some time on your own - it will only worsen the situation.

appendicitis symptoms characteristic of the disease is acute nagging pain in the abdomen.However, depending on the age and anatomical features of the patient, the pain may be localized at different locations.That is why an interest at acquaintances about signs of appendicitis.Everyone he can manifest itself in different ways.A typical arrangement of the appendix have only 80% of patients.For others it is found at the top of the abdomen, the lumbar region or in the pelvic cavity.So the first thing is to make people felt a sharp pain in his stomach - seek emergency help.To determine whether this is appendicitis, by virtue of a skilled surgeon.

diagnosis is assigned to identif

y a comprehensive survey which includes: examination by the surgeon, laboratory tests, ultrasound of the abdomen, as well as related areas of ultrasound.In some cases, you may need careful monitoring in the surgical hospital.That all of these measures are the basis for accurate diagnosis and time to make transactions.Most often, the surgeon carries out a laparoscopy.This means that in most cases the postoperative period does not lead to complications.A few weeks later the patient returns to normal life.However, laparoscopy, there is one contraindication - if the patient has complications of appendicitis.This can be peritonitis, abdominal abscess.

the above complications arise in the absence of timely medical care.That is why doctors recommend for any suspected appendicitis, immediately contact the clinic.The main thing that should alert the person:

-nepriyatnye sensation in the pelvis;

- intensified pain when breathing;

- nausea;

- vomiting.

What the symptoms of appendicitis should not do

As with any pain in the abdomen, the manifestation of one of these symptoms in any case be self-medicate.Do not give a positive result taken alone antispasmodics and analgesics.Antibiotics may appoint a doctor, and a warm heating pad applied to the abdomen, can only exacerbate the situation.

In addition, after self-medication symptoms can vary somewhat, that only complicate the diagnosis.This initial symptom may have a reduced intensity, while others, on the contrary, increase.

differences in disease

Often patients come to doctors with the question of how pronounced differences in the course of the disease in different groups of people.You can safely say that appendicitis in children does have some peculiarities of manifestation.This is especially true of young children.

According to medical statistics, such diseases as appendicitis does not occur in children in the first year of life, in particular those which consist breastfed.Disease in younger patients experienced physician can detect accurately.A characteristic feature in this case is to change the general condition of the child.He feels a lot of pain, but its location can not specify the localization.Another characteristic feature is the breath of a child.Trying to escape the pain, he breathes superficially, which can be determined by lagging half of the abdominal wall.

for suspected appendicitis in women requires consultation with a gynecologist.This is necessary because its main symptoms are very similar to symptoms of other diseases - an ectopic pregnancy.

author of the article: Victoria Teterina

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