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Tuberculosis symptoms

Tuberculosis symptoms With timely, early detection of tuberculosis is quite successfully treated.Running the disease, late diagnosis - all this reduces the chances of recovery.How this disease manifests itself?

Tuberculosis in the early stages of infection occurs quite quickly, and what is its danger and deceit.Generally the amount of tubercle bacillus little active opposition to immunity, according to the reaction which could be used to identify disease.To date, the most effective way - TB response.With the subsequent development of the pathogen, the immune system is so simple and fast fights, which, fortunately, protective immune forces manifest themselves very clearly.

Most often, in the early stages, so insidious disease manifest themselves very slightly, almost imperceptibly, but over time become more pronounced.Symptoms of the disease - a wet cough of three weeks or more, blood in sputum, slight but prolonged fever, weight loss, weakness, lack of appetite.Mood swings, irritability, and a perceived decline in perform

ance.Symptoms can manifest themselves slowly, one or two.For example, the cough may occur after other symptoms.

Each symptom of TB lasts for three weeks or more, and these symptoms can not be explained by other reasons.This is especially true combination of several symptoms at once.What should cause an immediate visit to a doctor and tested for TB.

Rarely happens that tuberculosis begins immediately actively manifest: body temperature of 38-39 ° C, the patient complains of pain in the chest and back shoulder area, the cough is dry and long, night sweats.In the evening there is a fever and increased sweating, at a relatively low temperature (37.5 to 38 ° C), cough constantly, but not strong, which enables timely diagnosis.

The patient may also feel pain under the shoulder blades, which is characteristic of the propagation of tuberculosis in the pleura;he felt general weakness, pale, prone to irritability, significantly reduced appetite and appears indigestion, feeling an ache in the joints.

Due to the above symptoms of tuberculosis could easily identify the disease, but in reality the situation is much more complicated.Various types of influenza and common inflammation of lower respiratory tract can manifest itself like tuberculosis.Unfortunately, tuberculosis often appears so weak that the initial stage at which the disease is most easily treatable, it remains undetected.

happens that tuberculosis occurs is hidden and it lasts until the development of advanced process.In order to determine the course of such a hidden disease, pass fluorography.At the same time, the interval between inspections possible contamination.

attentive to their health, in the event of specific symptoms, contact your doctor and go through fluorography.

author of the publication: Margarita Ignatova

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