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Watermelon diet 3-day menu, and the results

Watermelon diet for three days: the menu, reviews and slimming results

Menu watermelon diet for 3 days prior to the ridiculous simple: the watermelon.It's all.If you add the rye bread, then this diet can be extended to 5 days.But we do talk about is the three-day diet, although the difference is small.

So watermelon on 92% consists of water, so the effect of weight loss is not achieved by reducing body fat, and by removing excess fluid from the body and wash out toxins - which makes this diet on the one hand useless, and withother - very useful.If you want to lose weight, get rid of excess fat, then it will take time and perseverance, for 3 days did not work, and watermelons will not help.If you want to clean the body, then this diet is for you.It will improve your immune system and overall health, give long-term strength and energy.

Watermelon diet for 3 days: description and menu

When watermelon diet you should eat 1 kg of watermelon pulp per 10 kg of body weight.In other words, if you weigh 70 kg, you should eat 7 kg of watermelon a day.Before you start a die

t you should consult your doctor.It is contraindicated for people suffering from kidney stones, a large consumption of fluid can move them and cause obstruction.In watermelons much sugar, so this diet and is contraindicated for diabetics.

After the diet gradually transition to a normal diet.Do not just cram everything you want, otherwise all kgs immediately returned.Start with small servings of low-fat food: chicken, cereals, fish, vegetables and fruits.

again emphasize, if you have kidney problems, you should consult with your doctor.Diet can affect you, but it may help.Here is one of the reviews about it.

«Very cool diet.I even tried it last summer.Only here do not take into account that I have a small kidney stones and this diet can provoke them.It happened a couple of days.But I went on, and after a week of small stones and sand "cleaned up."So not only is good thin, but held "prevention" - that's one and a half years as no sand or stones do not disturb me. »

Benefit diet we have understood, but it should not be abused.The body should get a lot of elements and vitamins.In watermelons them all, of course, not.As with everything, keep the balance, and then all you will only benefit.

Watermelon diet can be categorized as mono-diets - in terms of efficiency in a short time, they are optimal, but come out of such a diet is much more difficult.Detailed menu to exit from the watermelon diet you'll find on this page.A below - reviews of watermelon diet for three days, which is already to try to imagine a reader of our website.

Watermelon diet: reviews and slimming results

third day today watermelon diet, plumb - 1KG.Transferred easily, so keep ...

During 4days - 2kg, SUPER !!! For me Watermelon diet proved to be the easy and delicious, go ahead.

5 days -2,2kg.Now the important thing to do right way and do not break.

No torment, sitting on this diet, I did not feel, today, the 5th day, do not want to eat, eat healthy began three weeks before the diet, dropped 3.5 kg, even now 1.5 is gone, I am very happy, height 154, weight is now 50, I'm 34 years old, have two children!I would recommend this diet !!!

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