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Asthma - Symptoms and Treatment

disease, which is accompanied by fits of coughing, asthma attacks and shortness of breath are called asthma.Asthma is a chronic disease with recurrent attacks of breathlessness.

As asthma symptoms are divided into immunological and non-immunological shape form.By type of asthma is divided into the following forms: atopic asthma, infectious asthma dependent, hormone-dependent asthma, aspirin asthma.

Manifestations of any form of asthma does not depend on the age category.

Asthma symptoms

typical asthma symptoms can manifest themselves in the form of a suffocating cough severity, bloating and pain in the chest, breathlessness varying degrees, wheezing, isolation and expectoration of viscous mucus.

Asthma share of the disease and is divided into a mild degree, moderate and severe development.

And share because of deterioration, if it enters the bronchial allergen-specific or development of asthma from infectious lung disease.

Cardiac asthma is manifested attacks of breathlessness from several mi

nutes to several hours to detect changes percussion and the presence of various calibers wheezes.Differintsialnuyu diagnosis of cardiac asthma should be done with asthma because of similar symptoms.The diagnosis of cardiac asthma is put on the basis of the onset of asthma attacks only in the elderly, on the background of hypertension, myocardial infarction, cardiosclerosis, heart, gallop rhythm and the presence of other symptoms of the cardiovascular system.

asthma attacks more often seen at night, increased symptoms during exercise, stress and hypothermia, less symptoms during the day.Amplification asthma symptoms are due to the production factors on contact with chemical agents, household agents, paints and varnishes, in contact with the animals, pollen, and on contact with household dust.Seizures can be from once a day to several attacks.

timely diagnosis and treatment of asthma allows for rapid recovery, especially in children.
With late diagnosis in the early stages of the disease and delay in treatment can lead to the progression of the disease and course in a more severe form.

Severe asthma can be fatal in case of delayed diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Pediatric asthma may develop hypersensitivity to allergens in the environment or genetic predisposition.Asthma attacks can also cause infections of the respiratory system.Asthma symptoms occur more frequently at night.during asthma attack, patients complain of bloating of the chest, severe paroxysmal cough, feeling of fear.Increased heart rate, increased diastolic and systolic blood pressure drop, protruding cold sweat.In children, the attack appears heavy breathing with wheezing and strong paroxysmal cough.In children, asthma is common and may be as a consequence of hereditary predisposition.Most asthma common in boys than in girls.

After contact with allergens occurs swelling and spasm of the bronchi and the allocation of large amounts of bronchial mucus, which hinders the permeability of the bronchi.Symptoms of allergic asthma are manifested as rhinitis, urticaria, increase in the number of eosinophils in the blood, increased asthma attacks, vasomotor symptoms in the form of frequent sneezing and watery discharge isolation.

When receiving antihistamines asthma symptoms disappear.

X-rays in the early stages of asthma are not vyyavlyaetcya despite the obvious clinical hyperventilation airway.The complexity of the differential diagnosis of asthma, can get more severe and requires urgent medical advice pulmonologist.

Asthma Treatment of asthma attacks give a positive dynamics in the appointment of drugs relieve bronchial spasm, which is characterized by labored breaths.Asthma treatment should be carried out regardless of the frequency of asthma attacks and begins immediately after the first symptoms of the disease.In asthma should avoid exposure to allergens, such as spring and summer pollen contact with animal dander, tobacco smoke, hypothermia, exercise and dust of any etiology.When cardiac asthma due to the complexity of the flow should be excluded neurogenic factors, the appointment of sedatives and drugs improve blood circulation and heart function.

due to poor environmental incidence of asthma uvelichilas.Kompleksnaya prevention should be aimed at addressing the causes of the disease and improve the patient's condition.In severe attacks should take a number of measures to improve the condition and symptom relief of breathlessness using inhalers, medicines relieves spasms of the bronchi.The positive effect of the treatment of asthma and provides herbal recipes of traditional medicine, but in the beginning of the application of this type of treatment should consult with their physician.The doctor will select the correct homeopathic remedies according to the form and severity of the disease.

author of the publication: Margarita Shiryaev