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Gastro - Symptoms and Treatment

One of the most common diseases of the digestive tract - gastro.This disease affects the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum.

gastroduodenit is a form of chronic atrophic gastritis, which often becomes malignant diseases of the stomach and duodenum, usually ulcerative exposed formations, particularly disease affects the duodenal bulb.

As with any disease, gastro can have acute and chronic form .

Acute gastro characterized fickle epigastric pain, typically within 1-2 hours after a meal, often these pains may bother at night.Typically, after dieting and use of these medicines pain disappear.

In chronic gastroduodenitis a closer examination and long-term treatment because chronic gastro leads to deformation of the gastric mucosa and duodenal ulcers, disruption of motor skills, leading to more serious diseases, including cancer.

Symptoms gastroduodenita

patient complaints.suffering from chronic gastroduodenitis are as cramping pain in epigastric, heartburn, and sometimes nausea and vo

miting.Suffer a function of the pancreas, which can be accompanied by encircling pain radiating to the lumbar region, as well as possible biliary dyskinesia.

If a person has lost significantly in a short time, he had pale skin, yellow-gray coating on the tongue with imprints of teeth on the sides, it is possible to diagnose gastroduodenita, however, in any case, the last word rests with the diagnosis vrachomgastroenterologist.

author of the publication: Zoya Kiseleva

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