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6 petals Diet - Lose Weight, playing

Diet 6 petals Easy to understand and remember - a diet six petals pushed not only the physical but also the psychological condition.Those who have tried to restrict their diets body, know that to convince yourself in reality the result is not less important than to see a number on the scale.
Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson developed a sequence of mono-product sets every day to improve the body and add it to the game form the flower.In each of the six petals projects diet product for use on this day.At the end of each day of the diet on the petal of the flower is applied to the number of grams lost, and it comes off.

Diet 6 petals - menu

Products included in the diet 6 petals are divided into 6 groups, each of which includes only one type of derivatives.The load is distributed on days so that alternate protein and carbohydrate groups.

  • Day 1 consists of all fish dishes.
  • 2nd - vegetable, and vegetables can be eaten raw (which is better), boiled, steamed, or in the form of fresh juices.
  • third loads of body
    protein prepared as you like (except roasting) of low-fat chicken.
  • 4th - allows to choose from the abundance of cereals those who will appreciate
  • 5th - the day of dairy products.Basis - cheese, balanced, depending on taste preferences, sour cream, yogurt, milk
  • 6th - holiday fruit, which, like vegetables, you can squeeze, cut into salads and drinking entirely.

important point: these figures - the average daily recommended in the diet of six petals, detail any set number of calories on any given day is calculated based on the weight and physical activity.

Radar diet menu offers a combination of the following products:

  • Fish - 400-600 g
  • vegetables - up to 1.5 kg.
  • tender chicken meat - about 500
  • Kas - up to 200 g dry.
  • cheese and other milk derivatives - 500-600 g, excluding liquid.
  • Fruit - 1 kg and without limitation, if no individual contraindications.

woman eating salad
What does the dishes have tested offers Radar diet?Recipes You can use your own, can be found in cookbooks.Since cooking have a single product, the variety only added or treatment method: boiling (and then boiled fish and after chicken remains broth that can drink between meals), stewing, steaming and maybe, grilling, or by addinga small amount of herbs and spices.Diet 6 petals not easy recipes.On the other hand, the dishes prepared from a single product, reveal the full range of its flavors that can be enjoyed slowly, promoting digestion.When
six petals recommended diet meals split into several, preferably 5-6.During the meal, you can not drink.Only a minimum of half an hour after the meal.

Diet 6 petals - reviews

To begin with, I must say that it removes the headache over the fact of what and how much to cook.Cooking for one day, the products identified.The method of preparation is dictated by the tastes and time.

Another positive thing that marks the diet six petals - feedback that has really want to lower at least due to the fact that the taste is expected during the day meals, is already known, no olfactory and tactile intrigue - the food becomesinterest, and method for maintaining physiological activity.

Actual results shows 6 petals.Reviews - down to minus 800 grams per day.Consequently, for the week to lose 5-6 kg is possible.

Those flowered brought long-awaited fruits, on the seventh day suit, depending on the condition of the body, fasting day, ending a week-long series of (now it is the diet seven petals), cut and attached to a new refrigerator, ready to repeat it breaks.a slim body