Dumplings with cherries

Dumplings with cherries

In order to cook dumplings with cherries need the following ingredients:

  • cherries (400 g)
  • flour (250 g)
  • eggs (2 pieces on the dough and 1 piece for lubrication)
  • butter (30 g)
  • cream (30 g)
  • milk (150 ml)
  • drinking water (800 ml)
  • mint
  • powdered sugar
  • salt

In order to preparepastry flour need to pour into a deep bowl (or other deep pot), to pour the milk, to drive the egg, a little salt.All that you need to mix with the result that should go smooth.The test must be given to approach within half an hour, covered it with a lid.While the dough is suitable expedient to prepare cherries: wash it and separate from the bone.When the dough has suited him to move on a flat surface and roll it out using a rolling pin until the sheet thickness is about 2-3mm.

Then use cup of dough circles to squeeze a diameter of approximately 6 mm.The remaining eggs should be thoroughly whisk and pour into a convenient container.Get consistency to grease the edge of the circle of workpieces for dumplings.I

n the center of each of the round billets for dumplings should be put 2 cherry.Before wrapping cherries lightly sprinkle with powdered sugar.When should close up the edge, in a way that would have made a semi-circle.

Before cooking dumplings pan should be filled with drinking water and put on fire.In boiling water, add salt and put the dumplings.Fire is necessary to fasten the process to brewing took place over medium heat.After 3-5 minutes the dumplings are cooked.They must be removed from the heat, drain the water with the help of Drushlyakov.The dumplings, add sour cream and mix.Then they must pass on to the plate, which add butter.All this is to decorate with mint on top of the center.Recommended dumplings still pour sour cream.

author of the publication: Margarita Ignatova

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