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Sciatica - Symptoms and Treatment

One of the most common human diseases - sciatica.

cause of this disease is an inflammation of the spinal cord.

Radiculitis divided into:

  • Neck,
  • cervicothoracic,
  • lumbosacral
  • chest.

In many cases the preconditions of radicular syndrome hidden in running osteochondrosis.Next will be considered the symptoms and root causes of the disease.

Symptoms of sciatica

Onset of the disease is characterized by spontaneously appeared, acute severe pain in the affected area roots, increasing the motion.Unnatural posture of the patient due to analgesic protection.In the future, sciatica can take a chronic form.

lumbosacral disease symptom

this department the most common.He was exposed mainly elderly people.Another name for sciatica - sciatica.With this type of syndrome of tension long muscles of the back, a kind of defensive reaction.Pain spreading to the gluteal sections, thigh and lower leg.There may be some numbness of the skin.

thoracic and cervical-brachial symptom

When cervicobrachial as s

ciatica affects the cervical roots and brachial plexus, accompanied by acute pain.There is a sharp pain in the shoulder blade, aggravated by movement, or contraction of the diaphragm (coughing, sneezing).

Thoracic sciatica is characterized by impaired swallowing - dysphagia.

intercostal neuralgia, accompanied by severe pain, can also be a symptom of the disease.

for sciatica characterized by thoracic pain, worse on palpation and pressing in this area.The form of breast sciatica is not common.

Radiculitis though not a threat to the patient's life, but pretty much worsens quality of life and restrict movement.

author of the publication: Victoria Teterina

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