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Procrastination - Symptoms and Treatment

procrastination is a pressing problem for most people today.A waste of time, unfortunately, reduces the ability to work to zero.

treatment of so-called disease depends exclusively on the willingness of the individual, which tends to delay in making a decision to postpone the case and on the shelf.

World practice developed by a variety of methods.However, the basic guidelines are simple enough by

proposals to fix the problem

monotonous work is known, inhibits consciousness and condemns laziness artist.Therefore always has to be a break.Put the case and enjoy a more pleasant things.For example, walk outdoors , inhale the scent of nature, feel free from everyday dullness.Quite correct solution is sports.If excessive fatigue, just take a nap.

There is always a job that you do not want to perform.But it's not a problem!Throwing is not necessary.It should be divided into several parts and follow a predetermined plan.

Keep a diary .It's a great way to always keep yourself working tone.The schedule

for the main place belongs, not mindless pastime.

also considerable distraction is a gay- online .

constant interest refresh the page and reply to delays entire Rid yourself of this.Try not to be distracted by the included TV or mobile phone.

If you find it hard to focus on the work of one, create a team.The effectiveness of the labor will be provided.The collective mood lifts the spirit and the desire to actively implement the tasks and goals.


Try to perform original works, which complicated on the level, and then proceed to smaller tasks.

In any case in your life always be present motivation.Whether it is material or moral.Dreaming of the promotion, which is intriguing, people can actively think and work without slowing down.

procrastination curable.You only need to want it and start acting.

author of the publication: Margarita Ignatova

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