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How to lose weight 20 kg

How to lose weight 20 kg How to lose weight 20 kg, and save the result - a question that torments many women and girls who dream to get rid of a large overweight in the shortest possible time in the past month, 2 months, 20 days or a week.This article discusses various ways of losing weight up to 20 kg, as well as testimonials lost weight.

How to Lose Weight 20 kg per month

To Diet "20 kg in the past month" has given you a good result, it is necessary to carry out the following recommendations:

  1. not eat salt, sugar and flavorings (including acute).
  2. drink every day at least 2 liters of water.
  3. Eat vitamin-mineral complexes.
  4. Avoid strenuous exercise while dieting.
  5. If you are experiencing an acute feeling of hunger, you can drink a little yogurt.

How to lose weight 20 kg

diet menu

  • morning: a boiled egg and a cup of yogurt
  • day: boiled chicken breast (skinless) chicken broth (400-500 ml) and a cup of yogurt.
  • Evening: a cup of yogurt or 200 grams of fat-free yogurt.It is also allowed the use of coffee without sugar and milk.

This type of diet is characterized as hard, so before its observance is advisable to consult a doctor.

How to lose 20 kg in 2 months - Montignac diet

weight loss diet developed by a nutritionist Michel Montignac, is a series of some tips on how to properly combine foods.With this diet you can lose up to 2 months up to 20 kg.These recommendations are not complicated:

  1. Eliminate from your diet dressings and mayonnaise, sauces, ketchup, etc.
  2. completely eliminate white bread - instead eat rye bran.
  3. not eat sugar.
  4. Do not combine during the meal both fat and carbohydrate foods.
  5. Avoid alcoholic beverages.
  6. not eat those fruits and vegetables that contain a high content of starch.
  7. Eat three meals a day.
  8. eat fruit for breakfast.
  9. Drink plenty of clean water - up to 3 liters per day.

How to lose weight 20 kg
These tips will help you lose excess kilos for 50-60 days.Of course, the term weight loss long enough, but during this time the body's normal metabolism and to get used to the new diet will be easy.

secrets of how to lose weight 20 kg in 20 days

Through this diet diet can be quite easy to lose 20 kg, at a cost of less than a month - 18-20 days.What you should know:

  1. Alternating meals.It is necessary to exclude one of the meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) for each day, with the absence of alternating each meal (for example, in the first four days to give up breakfast in the following four - from dinner, etc.).
  2. There are low calorie healthy foods.Below is a diet with which you successfully lose 20 kg of excess weight.

How to lose weight 20 kg

diet allows to lose weight 20 kg

  • 1 to 4 day (no dinner).For breakfast: apples, low-fat cottage cheese and green tea with fruit.At lunch: steamed rice, chicken and cucumber salad and greens.
  • From 5 to 8 day (without breakfast).The dinner: buckwheat, boiled cod, egg and a cup of green tea.For dinner: a salad of tomato and cabbage with lemon juice.In the evening you can also drink a glass of water.
  • From 9 to 12 day (without lunch).For breakfast, eat a cucumber salad with olive oil and lemon juice.Wash down with a glass of water.And for dinner, prepare boiled beans and boiled breast.You can also wash down with clean water.
  • From 13 to 16 days (no dinner).In the morning a little taste of low-fat cottage cheese and drink a cup of green tea with sugar substitute.During the day you need to eat broccoli and drink her a glass of water.
  • from 17 to 20 per day (without breakfast).The last 4 days.Although there is no breakfast, yet allowed the use of warm milk (1-1.5 cups).At lunch, eat boiled cod with cucumber and herbs.And for dinner it to use rice and a couple of medium-sized tomatoes.

How to lose weight 20 kg

People who experience this diet claim that the diet of 20 kg in 20 days is quite easy to comply with, becausewell balanced diet, in addition, within three weeks of appetite gradually decreases.

How to Lose Weight 20 kg per week

Finally, many are wondering how to lose a huge overweight in the shortest possible time - for 7-10 days and as far as practicable.It is important to understand that weight loss of 20 kg per week - is, first and foremost, a huge stress to the body.Moreover, the effect of "extreme practices" will be short-lived, and after the diet the body starts to "gain momentum" in a stronger form.In other words, there is a risk that the observance of stopping such a grueling diet, you not only that you return to the previous weight, but also increased, not to mention the detrimental health effects.
How to lose weight 20 kg
However, if you still weigh the "pros" and "cons" and took a firm decision to throw 20 kg per week, in this case, be sure to follow these guidelines:

  1. Every day, eat no more than 1,000 calories, and in the morningthe meal should be more nourishing compared to lunch and dinner.
  2. Eliminate junk food: fast food, fried, sweet, starchy foods.Eat more fruits and vegetables (raw or cooked).
  3. the morning, eat porridge on the water without salt.So you will clean the intestines, leading to a further reduction in weight.
  4. exercise.At work / school you walk, move more, swim, ride a bike.
  5. Keep a diary, where you will burn all the calories: both consumption and spent.
  6. once a week to do the fasting day: drink only water and eat only fruit.
  7. Avoid carbonated drinks and energy in favor of clean water and fresh juices.
  8. general use more liquid - at least 2 liters a day.

difficult to perform all the tips outlined above, but if you try to follow them, you lose weight 20 kg, and find a beautiful slender figure you will be able in the near future.Good luck!
How to lose weight 20 kg


Alla: I lost 20 kg in 20 days!I eat in moderation, in compliance with the recommendations and the result makes me happy!

Lily: Month kicked off 19 kg.My skin is not limp.After losing weight became to monitor the health, eat right.In principle, everything is fine!

Veronica: I think it's dangerous, you can not ... I lost 20 kg per year - but it is no stretch marks, sagging, and health is normal.

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