Diseases and their treatment

Treatment of liver folk remedies

Today liver disease problems faced by a large number of people.

Since the environment abound in various harmful substances, it is reflected in hepatic tissue in the human body.And if we add the toxic effects of alcohol abuse - it can cause irreversible consequences.

Everyone should remember that the liver - a unique body, whose cells can regenerate if the body stops flow of toxic substances.Those who abuse this important condition, and does not stop in the use of harmful products, such as, for example, alcohol - risk of cirrhosis of the purchase.

This is due to the fact that liver cells are progressively replaced by connective tissue.

Natural honey - the most effective means in folk medicine for all diseases of the liver.

Honey derived from herbs, flowers of apple, raspberry and clover - the most effective for liver diseases.During the acute phase of jaundice, the patient should be added to food curd (150-200 gr.), In which you need to add 20 or 30 oz.honey, better if it is mixed with royal jell

y (20%).This is due to the fact that honey in its combination with royal jelly dramatically accelerates the recovery process in the diseased liver cells.This is due to the fact that this mixture provides an anti-inflammatory effect.Just cheese can also be connected to a yogurt or other dairy products.

Although, you should not add the cream, because its fat content can lead to poor results, which will reduce the effectiveness of treatment of liver diseases.That is why the cottage was originally just to be skimmed.Only when the patient will recover, you can use bold.It can include the daily diet of two or even three times.
To this must be added infusions of traditional medicine.

Gathering of medicinal herbs for liver:

- infusion: equal parts of herbs (2 c.), Knotweed, mint, motherwort five lobes, as hawthorn fruit, nettle leaf to make the collection;then it pour 1 tbsp.boiling water, combine with honey - 15 grams.For treatment of a liver was effectively resulting infusion should be slightly warmed 2 times per day.
urine when the patient will again be the usual straw-colored (instead of dark, beer color), and the crisis will pass the disease - should be added to this collection hips 1.5 grams and 2 grams of corn stigmas.
In case of further improvement of health, the infusion of complement 3 grams immortelle.
Always remember that early in the disease Bile charges can harm the patient!

Since ancient times, our ancestors used napar, which included oats and honey, to avoid worsening of symptoms and the transition to a chronic form of the disease.

Napar you must prepare as follows

  • 100 grams moved and washed oat pour 2.5 liters of boiling water (it is better to make a 3-liter bottle).May Add honey 150 gr., And then cover with a bank tracing paper or wax paper, and only then cover with a lid.The bank then wrap and let stand in a warm day.Then napar stored in a cool place without light.
    Use this tool should be after a meal 1 cup three times a day.The course of treatment it is important to keep up to six months.

When dyspeptic intestinal disorders, chronic acalculous (nekalkuleznogo) cholecystitis and pain in the right upper quadrant should be used such folk remedies that will help in the treatment of liver diseases:

  • 100g.honey (flower or buckwheat), pour 700 grams of pure water, the resultant mixture was boiled in a pot (preferably enameled) on the weak must remain third of the original volume.Once removed from the heat, add the hot broth, which includes 4 grams of herb celandine, 7 grams of grass, yarrow, 10 grams of chamomile (inflorescences), 7 grams of dandelion (roots), 5 grams of Calamus and 7 grams of tansy.This is followed by cover the resulting mixture and let stand 40 minutes, then strain.
    Drink this infusion is necessary throughout the day in equal doses.This infusion should be prepared fresh every day, because it is not intended as other infusions for long-term storage!It is better to take 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day.

main folk remedies to help in various diseases of the liver

  • Eat turnip, it is useful and raw and cooked.Famous for it anti-inflammatory and even choleretic action;
  • daily take 2 tablespoons of lemon every 2 hours;lemon juice - an essential component in the complex treatment of gallstone disease of the liver;
  • will be a useful infusion: 30 g grind.bay leaves, pour a glass of vegetable oil, give it brew for six days in the heat;taken three times a day the infusion of 2 tablespoons of this will choleretic effect;
  • The daily diet should include olive and olive oil, which also have a choleretic effect;
  • can cook even the infusion, which includes 30 oz.ashberries (pre-chopped);it poured three cups of boiling water.This infusion should be used 1 cup 3 times during the day;
  • It helps another simple infusion: 60 grams of ash and 40 grams of sorrel pour one liter of water;it should be used for a long time, for six weeks, every day drinking tea 2 cups of forest rowan (you can add honey or sugar);
  • You can use the following extract: the roots and leaves of horseradish grind (must be 6 pieces of roots and leaves 5 pieces), pour half liter of vodka (required to use a high-quality product), the mixture obtained leave for seven days.Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day before meals;
  • For the next infusion must be of melon seeds, which should be pre-dried to make flour using a grinder.Add hot milk and let stand for about half an hour, then strain the infusion, and can be taken in the morning before eating 0.5 cups.Seeds and milk should be in equal parts by one glass.This tool has a pronounced cleaning effect;
  • You can also use this extract: Cucumber collect seeds and dry them for this recipe seeds should be 1 kilogram;grind in a coffee grinder, then pour boiling water (1 liter), drain.Take this mixture in the continuation of the day, but in addition it is impossible to use any products;
  • If the liver felt pain, should drink two pre-whipped chicken egg yolk (egg must be fresh);after five minutes.drink 200 ml of mineral water (warm);then lay down on his right side, which is not put under a hot water bottle.

always important to remember that the liver is our chemical laboratory that constantly needs to be cleaned!

This will greatly help olive oil with lemon juice: 1 tsp. Olive oil add the juice of half a lemon small size.

This eliminates the toxins the liver.Cleaning effect and will affect the bowel, which is free from toxins (deposition in the form of mucus) and food debris.Author

publications: Leonid Guryev