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Internal hemorrhoids - symptoms and treatment

a healthy person hemorrhoids are located in the rectal mucosa, and serve as a barrier to delay the stool.

during defecation are smoothed knots and starts unimpeded withdrawal of feces.

Hemorrhoids - a disease with the onset of which is disturbed venous outflow and inflow of blood to the hemorrhoids rectum.Because - for this nodes become bigger, inflamed and sometimes expelled from the rectum.

Hemorrhoids In internal hemorrhoids remain inside the rectum, with the outer necessarily a "bulge" nodes of the gut.Quite often there is also the option of combined hemorrhoids, in the presence of external and internal nodes.

Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids

problem of early diagnosis ext.hemorrhoids is that the surface of rectal mucosa is insensitive to pain, from the - for this at the initial development of the disease symptoms slabovyrazheny.For treatment of internal hemorrhoids visible signs of illness or in an advanced stage or an acute attack of the disease.When latent within hemorrhoids symptoms are

mild and insignificant.

One indicator is the presence of the disease spotting in the stool, or minor bleeding when trying to defecate.This is due to the fact that when a weak outflow of blood in the veins venous wall becomes thin and loses its elasticity, and mechanical stress at break.Traces of blood can be found on the underwear, on scraps of toilet paper, and sometimes the blood flows trickle during defecation.One of the dangerous complications that may develop in the future is iron deficiency anemia.

Another characteristic feature of the disease is , otravlyaeschee life of discomfort, the sensation of pain, the presence of a foreign object in the area of ​​the anus.Unpleasant sensations are amplified in the act of defecation.
next symptom makes itself felt if the hemorrhoids are large and are located just above the entrance into the rectum.In this case, there is a possibility of dropping nodes from cancer.

If you do not take appropriate measures in the absence of timely treatment, the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids complicated by the appearance of cracks and inflamed areas in hemorrhoids.It happens that all the above symptoms added burning or itching near the anal canal.At the same time the process of defecation becomes painful and unpleasant.

If you have the disease internal hemorrhoids symptoms are quite typical, but many of them are also inherent in the more dangerous disease - poor quality of rectal tumors.Therefore it is necessary for an accurate diagnosis and timely start of treatment, when the first signs of the disease as soon as possible contact the appropriate specialist.

main causes of acute internal hemorrhoids

  • change in diet, namely the excessive use of spicy food;
  • frequent lifting of heavy objects and doing hard physical work;
  • excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking;
  • work implies a sedentary lifestyle;
  • long tendency to constipation;
  • by displacement veins of the rectum during pregnancy;
  • innate characteristics and heredity (weak walls of blood vessels).

Diagnostics for internal hemorrhoids

desirable at the first signs of the disease begin proper treatment, it will cost cheaper and will present fewer surprises in the future.How to find out exactly what you have internal hemorrhoids?To do this, run diagnostics, which raises some questions as diagnosable abnormalities characteristic of other diseases.But eventually, an accurate diagnosis can be established only by a specialist, after a series of special surveys.

In the case of an arrangement of units is low enough to the entrance of the rectum can confine ourselves to simple palpation (digital examination).At the same time an experienced doctor will not be difficult to identify not only the presence of nodes, but also know their number and size.If the nodes are placed high, the necessary diagnostic methods are the following special methods - anoscopy and sigmoidoscopy.

difference between these methods is the use of different instruments.Anoscope slightly shorter than sigmoidoscopy, they can be inspected sites at a distance of no more than 8 - 10 cm from the entrance to the intestine.Using sigmoidoscopy allows you to view the hemorrhoids.Units at a height of up to 20 - 25 cm.

As visually looks internal hemorrhoids?

When endoscopy viewed swollen and protruding into the lumen of the rectum, components of different shapes and sizes.
Before entering a discussion of the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, it is useful to know what is the risk of the disease.

If treatment is not carried out on time or correctly, internal hemorrhoids is quite capable pour out the development of other diseases such as venous thrombosis, abscess (inflammation adrectal fiber), as well as infringement of the separated components.In this case, the hemorrhoid changes from acute to chronic stage, and in infringement of hemorrhoids also require surgery.

methods of treatment and therapies

Depending on the stage of the disease, number, location, size units are selected the appropriate method of treatment.At the initial stages of the disease it is advisable to apply a conservative treatment with drugs, ointments for external use and folk treatments.Preparations from internal hemorrhoids can be either symptomatic, ie, eliminates the symptoms of the disease, and pathogenic, that is struggling with the causes of the disease.

If an internal hemorrhoid bleeding occurs, use a styptic.But it gives only temporary results, if repeated bleeding will have to resort to surgery.
To get rid of small sites use minimally invasive methods of surgical treatment - Sclerotherapy and infrared photocoagulation.

In a particularly complex and advanced stages of hemorrhoids, cryotherapy is used as a method of treatment.

author of the publication: Margarita Ignatova

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