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Boils, abrasions - Symptoms and Treatment

Furuncle - pustular inflammatory skin disease, which is the causative agent - staphylococci.The people often referred to as the boil or abscess.In fact, this chronic inflammatory process in the follicle, it may affect the surrounding tissue.

Furunculosis - diagnosis, which is put in the case of the prevalence of boils on the skin of humans.

most common cause of boils becomes Staphylococcus aureus.Sometimes, staph germ is white.

What are the symptoms can learn a boil?

Appearance boil in the course of the disease varies.Therefore, changing and symptoms.There are three stages of the disease:

  • infiltration;
  • abscess and subsequent necrosis;
  • healing.

Infiltration occurs around the follicle.Outwardly, it looks like a bump, firm to the touch, color - red.At the same time it felt a little pain, tingling.Over time, this bump begins to expand, the tissue around begin to swell, the pain is felt much stronger.If there was a boil on her face, the swelling can be quite strong.

second stage manifests itself

in 3 days.The boil becomes very large, can reach up to 3 cm in diameter.In its center there is pus.There the necrotic tissue.Pustules protrudes.Therefore, the shape becomes tapered.The surface of the patient's place of shiny, looks very smooth.Pain exacerbated the suffering of the sick person is delivered.The situation worsens temperature, which can rise to 38 °.

also a negative impact on the general condition of the patient acts intoxication, manifested in weakness, headaches.Then, the top of the blisters should be an autopsy.Often, this occurs during surgery.After the formation of the passage starts out pus, which may contain blood.Then comes the yellow-green stem.This necrotic "plug".When the tube will be removed or specialist, the situation is changing for the better.Pain subside, temperatures returned to normal, the crater that remains after the boil, gradually heals.

scars crater 2 - 3 days.Tripe first bright blue and red.Over time, it pales, whitens, it may even become invisible.On the whole cycle of the disease takes about 10 days.

There is a variant of the disease stage without suppuration and necrosis.Patients concerned only infiltrate.The disease largely becomes like folliculitis.The difference will be in the small bar, which is always there in the furuncle.If the patient is in serious condition due to other disease, then it fester, on the contrary, will proceed in a more severe form.As a result, there is festering abscess.This occurs during treatment, the ongoing irrational way.In this case, the diagnosis - abscessed boil.

Proliferation boils

Boils occur on all parts of the body.Exceptions are the soles and palms, because there are no hair follicles.Most often boils occur in the legs, buttocks, back, arms and neck.

most painful boils - the ones that were formed in the ear canal.The most dangerous place localization of pustular lesions - lips.After all, there are many venous and lymphatic pathways, which can block blood clot brought about by the proliferation boil.This in turn will lead to septic phlebitis cerebral vascular or sepsis.

Boils on thighs, neck, or chest exposed to the danger of lymphadenitis or lymphangitis brainstem in the acute stage.Dangerous boils its ability to metastasize to the kidneys, liver and other vital organs.Therefore, it boils can not be ignored.This is a very serious disease.Complications often develop when inappropriate treatment, trying to squeeze out with injuries.Localization nasolabial triangle is also fraught with complications.

If boils appeared in large numbers, or they occur regularly, the disease called furunculosis.By the nature of the disease distinguish two varieties:

  • acute (illness lasts no more than two months, a lot of boils);
  • chronic (boils a little, but they appear regularly between their appearance may be a small interval of time).

methods of treatment at different stages of the disease being treated boils appropriate means.Stage infiltration - UV irradiation.Stage of maturation - obkalyvanie novocaine with antibiotics and the area around the infiltration.If

struck a limb, it is left completely alone.May impose a plaster splint.If the inflammation does not stop, repeat the blockade until the necrotic core will not depart.On a daily basis it is necessary to infiltrate apply a new bandage with a solution of silver nitrate (1%).

In standard cases spend only one obkalyvanie.Rarely do it twice.This quickly leads to recovery.

When the boil will reveal crater washed with hydrogen peroxide (3%).Dressings made with the use of a hypertonic solution of sodium chloride.Keep this up until the necrotic mass is not completely cleanse the cavity.Then he decided to impose Vishnevsky ointment.If there is granulation, using fat dressings.As the beneficial agent takes sterile vaseline oil, fish oil, emulsion sintomitsinovaja.

Squeeze boils impossible.This often results in complications that can seriously harm the health and even life threatening.the rod can be removed only when it is completely separate from the tissues that are around him.The skin around the hearth should be processed disinfectant, such as brilliant green, alcohol, methylene blue.Good acts Ichthyol.They lubricate the surface of the boil.But it can be done in the event that the boil was discovered yet.

If the boil is abscessed character, or abscess develops, kurbunkul, then surgical treatment is carried out.To perform surgery is used local anesthesia.Follow-up treatment is the same as when penetrated furuncle.In severe cases the boil completely excised, and then stacked primary joints.

necessary to treat a boil until the infiltration will not disappear completely if the disease is not recovered, complications may occur.In the treatment of boils widely used physiotherapy.But wet compresses to do is prohibited.Also, after suffering a boil impossible to massage this place.This can cause re-development of the disease.

Boils persons should be treated in a hospital.Antibiotics are selected those that can effectively fight pathogens, triggering disease.The treatment is often administered sulfonamides.Sensitization of the body is important, for it is used suprastin, diphenhydramine, calcium chloride.

transferred purulent infection can cause vitamin deficiencies, so be sure to need to take vitamins.The diet should be high-calorie, multi-vitamin.Spices, fatty, spicy, alcohol excluded.

Complicated boils treated only in a hospital.

author of the publication: Ivan Kudryavtsev

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