Spaghetti with seafood

Spaghetti with seafood

Products spaghetti cooked with seafood.

  • - three hundred grams of spaghetti;
  • - one hundred and fifty grams of mushrooms;
  • - one hundred grams of frozen mussels;
  • - one hundred grams of frozen shrimp;
  • - one clove of garlic;
  • - Two hundred milliliters of cream;
  • - dill;
  • - two teaspoons tablespoons vegetable oil;
  • - salt.
  • - Big spoon of butter;

Specificity cooking spaghetti.

required in a saucepan pour the water.Boil.Then season with salt and lay the pasta.Since boiling is required to cook spaghetti for about eight minutes.Next you need to

coarsely chopped garlic.Wash the mushrooms, dry them and cut into slices of mushrooms.You can instead of washing wipe mushrooms with a soft cloth.

then warmed up in a frying pan with vegetable oil with butter, a tablespoon.Then he laid out the garlic and fry until golden color condition.After roasting the garlic is removed from the pan.We spread the mushrooms to the pan, which are fried for about ten minutes.At the same time they sti

r.Solyatsya taste.

The mushrooms are added seafood.They can be shrimp or clams.These ingredients stewed for about three minutes from the beginning of boiling.Then add the cream, which are brought to a boil, but do not boil.Spaghetti with sauce connected.At the time of filing this dish sprinkled with dill.

author of the publication: Alex Kulagin

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