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Than to treat cough in children?

When coughing baby in the house, all the thoughts of adults address the problem, "How can I help?»

Any mom would like to cure children's cough as soon as possible so that the child does not suffer.

There is a false opinion concerning the fact that the cough may develop only in the cold season.In the summer heat, too, can start to cough after spending a certain time in an air-conditioned, and then went out into the street, where the thermometer shows, for example, 30 degrees.

general swings temperature reduces immunity and provoke illness ARI.

more malformed immune system in children is most vulnerable in this regard.

If a slight increase in temperature may not be noticed, it is sure to attract the attention of cough parents to a child's health.Even if the cough is weak and infrequent, the child's need to show your doctor.In - the first, the presence of a cough - it is a symptom of an illness.And the cough may worsen and become a lasting (chronic).When any disease it is important to begin timely

treatment and can not afford the initial phase go to the island.This is especially true of cough, because of its chronic form is then very difficult to get rid of.

Chemistry or grass: what to choose?

struggle with a cough should begin immediately as soon as it was noticed.There are two main forms of this symptom: wet and dry.The treatment, regardless of the form, is also significantly different.

Pharmacies, especially in the season, a variety of drugs are overcrowded.This variety is not hard to get lost.But when it comes to your own child, you want the best of everything, because the baby's health first and foremost.

The composition of cough medicines are divided into synthetic and natural.Synthetic drugs are manufactured from chemical reactions, but the basis of natural - vegetable raw materials.There are also preparations for - different.Action expectorants aimed at thinning and removing phlegm from the lungs.These funds are treated wet cough.Antitussives working on calming a cough.With their help, clean, dry cough.

plant-based drugs act on the body can cause milder and not as many side effects as chemical.Therefore, choosing a drug, it is best to focus on herbal remedies.

Medicines for cough syrups

Various Gerbion - reliable assistant when you try to say goodbye to dry and wet cough in both children and adults.If the patient has a dry cough, can help Gerbion syrup with plantain, if tortured wet - applied syrup Gerbion Primrose and ivy.

Preparations Ambrobene, Haliksol and Mucosolvan classified as mucolytics and act on razzhizhayusche sputum.

Mukaltin, Pektussin, licorice root - are drugs that suppress the power of a painful cough.

Gedeliks considered expectorant, which allows you to speed up the conclusion of sputum from the lungs.

author of the publication: Valery Samoylov

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