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Cure for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - a serious problem for a comfortable life.Ask what medications you will contribute to the fight against it.

with different symptoms of hemorrhoids at least once in his life faced by most people in developed countries.Factors emergence of this disease may be sedentary work, constant stress, prolonged exposure to the toilet.In the veins of the rectum there is stagnation of blood, and as a result of pathological changes occur, a so-called nodes, which creates discomfort during bowel movements, sitting, and even walking.

At the slightest sensation of pain in the anus or in any case not to self-medicate, and immediately it is necessary to contact a specialist.The doctor will examine and, if necessary, will prescribe therapeutic treatments.Nowadays, there are drugs to combat hemorrhoids, both topically and systemically.

local treatment of hemorrhoids

Medicinal products for the topical treatment of hemorrhoids are mainly represented in the form of suppositories (candles), but are also availa

ble in ointments and creams.The main aim of the drug locally is to quickly remove the inflammatory process and prevent the occurrence of side effects.In turn, such medicaments are assigned also to normalize the blood flow in the rectum and prevent thrombosis, to relax the sphincter and reduce intestinal motility.According to the instructions

candles should be used in the administration of the anus and only after a bowel movement.To do this you first need to lie on your side, to enter the preparation a few minutes and remained in that position until the candle dissolves in the rectum.If the external hemorrhoids, then effectively use protivogemorroidalnyh ointments.

Topical preparations should have primarily analgesic effect.In this regard, ointments and suppositories are produced using as the active substance analgesic and anti-inflammatory components.Like most anesthetics injected into the benzocaine, procaine, benzocaine, and it is advisable to use as anti-inflammatory components to the group of glucocorticoids.

Very good effect is achieved by introducing into the local drug heparin.He is able to prevent thrombosis, have decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect, a positive effect on regenerative processes in the connective tissue.Contraindications to its destination is a violation of the system of blood clotting.This category of citizens heparin is not recommended.So be sure to consult your doctor.

Systemic treatments for hemorrhoids

The basis of systemic treatment of hemorrhoids, is the use of drugs with a strengthening effect on the vessels, to be exact - on the walls of the veins.These drugs belong to the pharmacological group venotoniki and prescribe a course of 2-3 weeks.In the future, may be repeated after an interval of techniques from 14 days to 2 months.Also in this method of treatment are good medications that can adversely affect the free radicals - the main culprits of the destruction of the vessels.This action is called an antioxidant.

lot of drugs to combat hemorrhoids are produced from natural raw materials, which is used as often seeds of horse chestnut.As part of the plant species present glycoside plant estsin possessing anti-inflammatory activity.That he is able to establish the blood circulation, reduce the viscosity, reduce swelling in inflamed hemorrhoids lesions.

author of the publication: Nikita Rybakov

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