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Toothache, what to do?

Toothache - one of the most difficult portable.

pain when taking food and water for different movements of the jaw and facial muscles.And in some cases, even the pain in breathing, because cold air irritates sensitive tooth.

If acute pain caught you by surprise at the weekend or at night, and get into the non-stop dental office you just can not, there are ways to temporarily relieve the condition at home.

Here are some guidelines that will help ease the pain

  • thoroughly but gently clean the cavity in the tooth and interdental spaces of the pieces of food to make sure that in the future in the cavity did not fall.
  • Prepare a warm soda solution of one teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of water, occasionally to rinse their teeth.
  • took a swig of vodka, hold it in the patient's tooth.Gums absorbed the alcohol, and at the expense of light anesthetic effect it numb the tooth.
  • Put a piece of ice in your mouth, suck on, or attached to the surface of the patient's teeth for 15 minutes.This procedure sho
    uld be repeated 3-4 times a day.
  • Massage hands will help halve the pain in the tooth.
  • between thumb and forefinger, in the V-shaped area, gently push jerky with ice for 6-7 minutes.

This procedure can help by impulses caused by friction.

Normally those neural pathways transmitting the pain signal, and can transmit only one type.

What else can you do when a toothache?

friction replaces the signal of pain.

  • not to strain the affected side chewing.
  • If the pain is aggravated by cold air, try not to open your mouth.
  • If the pain increases when the mouth is closed (this may be at the wrong bite a person), try to keep your mouth open, as long as you do not positite dentist.
  • Drink some analgesic (baralgin, Nurofen, analgin).It is undesirable to take aspirin.The analgesic effect it is weak, so it needs to be taken in large quantities, but it is harmful to health.Taking painkillers can not be later than three hours before the trip to the dentist, as this may interfere with the doctor to reliably determine the diagnosis.
  • anybody case, can not do hot compress - it will only worsen your condition and complicate treatment.
  • forbidden to pick up and take antibiotics on their own without prior consultation and doctor's appointments.

That's all that will help you soothe aching tooth before visit to the doctor.

Do not be afraid of the dentist on duty, as a sharp pain in the majority of cases can be cut short without having to remove the tooth or setting permanent filling.

author of the publication: Olga Lazareva

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