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Bloating - Symptoms and Treatment

bloating (flatulence) - a large amount of gas generation and a violation of their removal.

digestion that occurs in the intestine breaks down the food into different components.This biochemical reactions in a number of cases that occur with the development of gas.The decomposition of some products of the gas can hardly select, while others emit it a lot.

symptoms of bloating

flatulence man worried feeling of heaviness and bloating.Bloating may be accompanied by belching, hiccups, heartburn.When a sufficiently strong flatulence occur cramping abdominal pain - intestinal colic.

Because overflow bowel loops gases having pain.The surgeon can determine bloating palpation and on the basis of medical history, clinical status of the patient's diagnosis.

Treatment bloating

As flatulence, and any other pathology should be treated based on the cause of the disease.Today, the increasing popularity of bloating take pills.

It adsorbents, which possess surface activity.They take the accumulated gases, but it

does not solve the problem.

Therefore pills flatulence is necessary to use the indication of symptomatic treatment.

This may occur when non-diet: consumption of dairy products in the lactose deficiency, overeating, poisoning.

All this is not considered a chronic course, bloating for such situations - an unpleasant symptom, which is sufficient to remove the pellet.

Just cause bloating can be dysbiosis.In this case it is necessary to treat the underlying cause of this condition, as the symptomatic treatment, the pathology remains in the intestines.

Dysbacteriosis - a violation of the normal human intestinal microflora, which is caused by an intestinal infection after taking antibiotics or change food and water.Sometimes the normal microflora may recover spontaneously, while you can not feel the discomfort.But if flatulence nevertheless began to worry when you need to treat goiter.
flatulence, colitis, pancreatitis, in need of treatment, but not used in the symptomatic tablets.

author of the publication: Olga Lazareva

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