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Heel pain - Symptoms and Treatment

The causes of pain in the heels are completely different.But to get rid of it, you need to establish the true cause and deal with the treatment of the underlying disease.

emergence of pain in the lower extremities happens quite frequently, and most do not sharpen their focus on this.Often, it is perceived as fatigue, which will be held in the morning itself.

Pain in the lower leg or calf muscles may indicate fatigue or other ailments indicate a manifestation of varicose veins, naprimer.0

But why there is pain in the heels?

For almost all people the pain in the heels are like a terrible torture.It does not focus on the implementation of some of affairs.

You are thinking, "Surely, though, so the heels can hurt ?!".Alas, this may be because for some reason there are about them and the conversation will go.

First of all - improperly selected footwear

you suffer from pain in the heel, then you should take a look at the shoes you're wearing, this is especially true for women.Enemy number one f

or your feet is a huge heel.When worn shoes with huge heels, foot overloaded as a result of the emergence of strong "shooting" pain in the heel.

Another reason for this symptom - the injuries

Also occurrence of pain can cause various injuries , obtained by walking or else during exercise, for example.Often, these pains are the result of ankle ligament injuries.

Usually the pain is felt as a burning or "stabbing" character.Also, it seems that the heel pierced with a needle.With each step taken pain intensity increases.

They may also appear for various diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system .

talk about those diseases that can manifest itself as

  • Arthritis such illness is common.And there is so because the inflammation spread along the foot - of tissue that connects the heel bone and the phalanges.When arthritis is usually pain in the heel grow gradually.In the morning, it often increases.If you make a gentle massage of the pain decreases, but when performing certain physical activity is not excluded that it will come back again.
  • following diseases have such a name as heel spur.The salts that have accumulated under the skin, the degree of increase in their number may become the cause of heel pain.It appears a lot of pain while walking, while squeezing the heels of solid salt build-up produces a pressure on the soft tissue.Similarly as in arthritis, the most pain appear in the morning.
  • plantar fascia - a seal that extends over the entire foot.Fascia, when worn too tight shoes may become inflamed.This condition is dangerous because salt can be delayed, but it can cause heel spurs.
  • When inflammation of the Achilles tendon pain is usually worried when driving.
  • Reactive arthritis.Also, pain may occur in infections.With sexually transmitted diseases chlamydia or if, for example, there may be inflammation in the tendon ahhilovom, which eventually lead to the terrible pain and especially at night.

gout, metabolic diseases

for gout characteristic is that in different tissues of the body of uric acid salts are deposited (joints and tendons are no exception).During an exacerbation can be a terrible pain in the joints, the heel, fingers and any other body parts.

Treatment and prevention of pain in the heel

To resolve heel pain to cure the underlying disease, because of which there is such a symptom.For a period of time to relieve pain may be with the help of painkillers, but to get rid of their appearance does not eliminate the cause, you will not.And with the appearance of any pain is necessary to come to the reception to the hospital, and how quickly you can begin to treat the primary disease.

also need a complete rejection of jogging and walking sports.In such a situation it is better to choose a bike or swimming.For those people who suffer from flat feet need a consultation with a podiatrist, as well as the need to wear special orthopedic insoles.

If there is excess weight, a great solution for preventing pain in the heels will be getting rid of it, because every kilogram to throw more and more will feel easy to walk.

author of the publication: Ivan Kudryavtsev

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