Cake with curd cream

Cake with curd cream


  • 1. Eggs - 4 pcs.
  • 2. powdered sugar - 1 stack.biscuit, 7 tablespoonscream.
  • 3. flour - 1 stack.
  • 4. vanilla - to taste.
  • 5. soda slaked with vinegar or baking powder.
  • 6. cottage cheese - 400 gr.
  • 7. cream 33% -330 ml.
  • 8. gelatin - 20 gr.
  • 9. water - 150 ml.
  • 10. Strawberry.
  • 11. butter - 60 gr.
  • 12. sour - 4 tablespoons
  • 13. sugar - 6 tbsp
  • 14. cocoa powder - 1 tbsp
  • 14. orange peel.

1. The first step in the preparation of the biscuit comes.To prepare the dough to take an egg biscuit, preferably from the refrigerator.So they better vzobyutsya.And mixers start whisking them with powdered sugar.Continuing to whisk into this mass gradually add the flour and vanilla and continue beating on.Then extinguish vinegar, baking soda and quickly added to the batch.Then, three on a fine grater zest of orange.Who loves the taste of sheer zest, it is better to take 2 oranges.And add zest to the dough shabby.Mix everything.And poured into a baking dish.

We put in a preheated oven at 200 d

egrees.And bake.But do not open the oven.Otherwise cake will not rise.Once your cake is ready.We get it from the oven.Wait until it cools down.Then cut in half, so you get 2 cakes.To biscuit was not dry it must necessarily be impregnated.To prepare this impregnation.

2. The second stage, we will prepare the impregnation.I have a strawberry, a little, chop the blender, who do not have a blender, you can simply rub with a fork.Then she added 2 tbspsugar, again frayed.Add a pinch of citric acid and 0.5 cups of water.Stir and infused it all this mass of our sponge cakes.

3. The third step in the preparation of our cake will be cream.Well, here it is not the blender will not do.While it may be an option to try to do it with a mixer.We need to cottage cheese with a blender grind to the curd mass without lumps.Continuing to whisk gradually pour in the cream cheese.Further, the mixer can be switched to low speed and slowly pour the icing sugar.And then we continue whisking until our mixture is smooth.

Then we zaymёmsya gelatin.Gelatin must be filled with cold water and leave for 30 minutes.Then put on a little fire and heat until gelatin is completely dissolved.After our gelatin cools it should pour slowly, stirring constantly to our cream cheese.Then we wash the strawberries.We cut it finely.The more the strawberries will be delicious.Then pour it into our cream cheese and mix everything thoroughly.

4. Thus, the fourth paragraph we will picking up the cake.In Split, we laid the first form of cake.On top of the cake, place sliced ​​strawberries.And then there is the top pour your cream.He had already should thicken slightly.

Pour almost all the cream, leave quite a bit, it is more useful to us.And then on top of the cream spread our second cake.And the cream that we left the second coat with a thin layer of the cake.That's all.The cake is assembled.Send it in the fridge for 2 hours.During this time, he should have to freeze.

5. But we also have a fifth point in the preparation of the cake.We have not prepared a sweet.Which will decorate the cake after it a rest in the refrigerator.Mix butter, cream, sour cream, sugar and cocoa powder.Mix well put it all on a little fire and cook until sugar is dissolved.

And after 2 hours, we'll get our cake from the refrigerator.Separated from the split form.We pour our sweet and decorate with the remaining strawberries, and you can still grated chocolate.The cake is ready.Bon Appetit!

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva

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