Appetizers of lavash

roll pita with cheese and fish

Roll from lavash with cheese and fish


  • 3 pieces of lavash Armenian,
  • 1 Bank saury canned in oil,
  • 2 red tomatoes,
  • 100g green,
  • 2 processed cheese,
  • 3 cloves garlic,
  • 250 grams of mayonnaise is not liquid.


1. It is necessary to prepare the filling 3:

a) processed cheese chop on a grater, add chopped garlic and chesnokodavkoy 125 grams of mayonnaise, stir;

b) canned saury crushed and mixed with 125 grams of mayonnaise;

c) finely-finely chopped red tomatoes, green shred, mix;

2. Spreads pita bread, put the filling layers.Screw the pita bread into a neat roll and put into the refrigerator.Then cut.

roll pita with cheese and chicken breast

Roll from lavash with cheese and chicken breast


  • 3 lavash Armenian,
  • 4 chicken breasts,
  • 4 eggs,
  • 300 grams of cheese,
  • 200 g of mayonnaise is not liquid,
  • greens in the quantities,
  • that you want.

1. Breasts boil, then chop along the grain;

2. Eggs grind fine grater;

3. On the grater to grate the cheese;

4. chopped herbs and grat

ed egg mix;

5. Take a sheet of foil, put on her 1st pita bread, spread with mayonnaise and put chopped chicken breast.Cover with pita bread;

6. Coat the 2nd pita bread with mayonnaise, put the mixture of egg and greens.Cover with pita bread;

7. 3rd pita bread with mayonnaise and grated cheese put;

8. Now we need to roll up roll and wrap tightly with foil.

Pita Jewish salad

Pita bread with salad Jewish


  • 4 processed cheese,
  • 4 chicken eggs,
  • 2 Armenian lavash,
  • 2 red tomatoes,
  • 2 cloves garlic,
  • not liquid in an amount of mayonnaise,
  • that suit.

1. Eggs chop on a grater;

2. curd chop on a grater;

3. Grind red tomatoes;

4. Prepare the Jewish salad - all the chopped ingredients mayonnaise;

5. Put the Jewish salad on pita bread;

6. Prepare a roll and let stand for a refrigerator.

author of the publication: Valeri Konstantinov

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