Croissants Puff pastry with chocolate

Croissants Puff pastry with chocolate


  • - puff pastry - 500 g
  • - chocolate - 1 pc.(suitable for both black and milk)
  • - eggs - 2 pcs.
  • - vanilla - 2-3 ch. L.
  • - seeds - 50 g (eg sesame seeds)
  • - nuts - 50 g (walnuts or hazelnuts)

Recipe for puff pastry croissants with chocolate:

1. Chocolate bar broken into cubes or smallerpart.Before this chocolate is best to freeze in the freezer.Break up the chocolate must be in a sealed bag, Taim way all the chips remain inside the pack and she tiles will not melt from the heat source.As a result, all of the chocolate will mёrzlym inside the package.

2. Next, you need to cook the dough.In the case when the dough product is purchased in advance, it must be thawed to room temperature, and if it is possible to climb.This option must be specified on the packaging test.If the dough you have prepared yourself, it also should be thawed prior to forming and using.When the chocolate is detailed and ready to use dough is rolled out into a rectangular pancake thickness of a centimete

r or less.

3. A rectangular cake dough must be cut into squares and then each square into two equal triangles.

4. Chocolate laid out portions on the edge of the wide side of the triangle (the base of the triangle).

5. In order to be the dough does not stick to hands and molding process was easy, hands can be lubricated with oil or priporoshit flour.Roll the dough with a filling of the widest part of the triangle to its apex, respectively, remains inside the chocolate croissant.Roll up all the prepared pieces of dough.

6. Chicken eggs broken into a cup and then whipped with a mixer.Add the sugar and beat the eggs a couple of minutes before the foam is shaped state.

7. Harvested croissants laid out on a baking sheet and coated with beaten egg.This will give them a nice golden color after baking.The most convenient way to do it with a brush or a piece of cooking paper.When the edge of the watered and became sticky, evenly sprinkle with sesame seeds croissant (or others of your choice).Seeds can be replaced with finely crushed nuts.

8. Baking plunge into the oven preheated to 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes.When the croissants are golden in color and vanilla flavor will fill the kitchen - they can be removed from the oven.Our croissants are ready for serving.Bon Appetit.

author of the publication: Margarita Shiryaev

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