Rolls with fish and avocado

Rolls with fish and avocado

To prepare rolls with fish and avocado, in the first place to prepare and cook the rice properly.To do this, we take two hundred grams of round rice, wash it very carefully, so that the water was no longer cloudy.

After washing rice fill with water, and give infusion of approximately one hour.Next you need to cook rice, put the rice in a saucepan and pour half a glass of cold water, put on fire is not very strong.

Once the water begins to boil, make a small fire and continue to cook for another fifteen minutes.We must not forget an important point to sticky rice turned out, the lid must be kept closed, so the rice is mixed.Cooked rice to stand for another fifteen minutes, to cool down.

The cooled rice to move the dressing and gently stir.To prepare the filling, we need 3 tablespoons rice vinegar, two tablespoons of sugar and a teaspoon of salt.Salted salmon and avocado wash and clean well.To prepare the roll will be enough to take one hundred grams of fish and one half avocado.

fish and avocados should be cut into strips.Then put on a bamboo mat nori seaweed so that the shiny side is the bottom.At the edge of an algae must match.Take rice and thin layers of algae sheltering on the far edge of the rice is not put, and grease it with wasabi.

Stuffing should be laid out strips.The better to fold you need to lift the edge of the mat and slowly, slowly curl.Out of the corner which we smeared wasabi, our glue roll.With such a mat can be manufactured rolls of round, square and triangular shapes.The resulting need to cut sausage very sharp knife into equal parts 6.

to spread the ingredients you need it easier all the time to wet hands, this in-depth capacity to mix one cup of water with a tablespoon of vinegar.

Finished rolls with fish and avocado must be served to the table, along with wasabi, soy sauce and ginger.

author of the publication: Margarita Shiryaev

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