Sandwich Recipes

Sandwich with egg pate

Recipes sandwiches, sandwiches with egg pate

Ingredients for cooking:

  • - butter 70g
  • - eggs 3 pcs
  • - mustard to your taste
  • - spices onyour taste
  • - herbs to your taste
  • - baguette 150 g

recipe sandwiches and egg pate:

1. Boil the eggs after they are welded cover with cold water and leave to cool.Each egg cut in half, divide the white and yolk.Egg yolks grind with butter.Proteins chop finely and mix with mustard (mustard add to your taste), pour out here a lot of egg yolks.

2. Ready pâté out onto baguette slices and sprinkle on top of herbs.Enjoy your meal.

Sandwich with boiled chicken

Recipes sandwiches, sandwiches with boiled chicken

Ingredients for cooking:

  • - chicken breast 400g
  • - toast bread 200g
  • - canned cucumbers 2 pcs
  • - eggs2 chicken pieces
  • - olive oil 3 tbsp.l.
  • - canning mushrooms 50g
  • - mustard to your taste
  • - sea salt to your taste
  • - spices of your choice
  • - chicken broth 100 ml
  • - mayonnaise (light) 3 tbsp.l.

recipe sandwiches with boiled chicken:

1. Boil chicken breasts, to breast slightly cooled dow

n, then clean it from skin and bones and chop coarsely.

2. Cut is not very finely mushrooms, canned cucumbers, boiled eggs and add to the sliced ​​chicken breast.The mass of salt, add spices to your taste, mustard and a few drops of liquor.

3. Toast bread fried in fat or in a toaster.The resulting mixture is spread on slices of toast bread, pour the sauce on top and cover with another slice.Cut sandwiches diagonally.

4. Serve warm sandwiches.Bon Appetit.

Sandwich with little blue and mozzarella

Recipes sandwiches Sandwich with little blue and mozzarella

Ingredients for cooking:

  • - sinenkie 500g
  • - oil 50 ml
  • - toast bread 250g
  • - mozzarella 250Mr.
  • - spices of your choice
  • - red hot pepper to your taste
  • - sea salt to your taste
  • - dried tomatoes 6 pieces
  • - herbs to your taste

recipe sandwiches with little blue and mozzarella:

1. Eggplant cut into slices, brush with oil on both sides and put them on the grill for grilling.Put the rack in preheated grill and cook on both sides for 15 minutes and ensure that they are not scorched.

2. Pieces of toast bread cut diagonally (you will turn triangles) 10 slices.

3. Mozzarella cheese finely chopped.Make the sauce into a bowl mix the spices, red hot pepper, sea salt and a little oil.

4.Smazat slices of bread sauce.On top lay out grilled sinenkie, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes.
5. Between the slices of mozzarella putting greens.

6.Podavat warm sandwiches.Bon Appetit.

author of the publication: Zoya Kiseleva