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Diet 5

Diet 5

Bad habits, overwork, lack of sleep, and most importantly - irregular and low-quality food, sooner or later lead to problems with the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

only medication is not enough.Requires gentle treatment in the use of food and special foods.To restore the gastrointestinal tract and liver specialists recommend a healthy eating diet number 5 on Pevsner.

This type of power supply eliminates smoked, pickled, fried and fatty food.Adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract of fresh vegetables and fruits.

They contain crude fiber, which can not handle bodies weakened by illness.And the temperature of the food is important.Prohibited both cold and hot dishes.Diet № 5 involves the use of warm food.

Diet, or as it is called, the table number 5

Diet 5 or as it is called, the table number 5

• Soups.This vegetable soups, which can be added to pasta or cereals.Do not eat the first dish to meat and fish broth.

• Do not eat fresh bread, particularly rye.He should be a little dry the oven and from the first grade flour.Al

lowed lean cookies drying.But the cakes and cookies with any cream or condensed milk can not be there.

• Not all cereals are created equal.For example, wheat is too hard for the stomach lining.But help your stomach work better may oatmeal and rice.They are recommended to use, and in case of problems with the pancreas.Diet № 5 authorizes and puddings, casseroles, but not too sweet.

• Macaroni allowed, but only of durum wheat, and in small quantities.

• dairy products need to be careful.They certainly do not need to eat, if there is an individual intolerance of lactose."Heavy" milk product itself, but the sour-milk - is admissible.Table number 5 enables low-fat cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese.Very good effect on the digestive tract cheesecakes, casseroles and other dishes that dairy products are processed in the oven or steamed.

• Meat does not need to exclude.But take lean.Feel free to buy and cook the chicken, turkey, beef.It is even lean pork.Of course, a shashlik not out of the question!Meat should be cooked, baked or steamed.Before that, it must be crushed with a knife, blender or meat grinder.The same goes for the fish.

• Vegetables and fruits you can eat, but in any case not soggy.They can be baked, boiled or consumed in juice form.Although juice also need to be diluted with water, concentrate to a large stomach is too hard.

• Eggs - dangerous product.They do not need to get involved.Moreover, diet number 5 involves no more than one egg per day.And it's better if it's just cooked protein.

• Animal and vegetable fats can be.But only if they participate in cooking.About butter on the sandwich should be temporarily forgotten exactly like a piece of bacon to the soup.

• Drink plenty of water is recommended.If you notice swelling, remove the salt from the diet.Also, you can use diluted juices, weak tea, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, broth hips.

recommendations to the diet

5 Diet recommendations for diet

analyzing the recommendations can say with confidence that the diet number 5 is varied.Sticking it is possible not only during treatment, but also for many years after, in order to avoid relapse.The main thing is to remember a list of products that have absolutely can not:

• Fresh cakes, black bread;
• Carbonated soft drinks;
• Fat, smoked meats and fish;
• Canned;
• Sweets with dyes unnatural additives;
• Coffee and alcohol.

author of the publication: Zoya Kiseleva

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