What you can and can not be pregnant

Pregnant women can or can not eat mushrooms?

Pregnant women can or can not eat mushrooms? pregnant women.Is it possible to eat mushrooms?It all depends on the expectant mother.There are people who love mushrooms, and which of them have no intention.Still mushrooms - a heavy meal, and they taste very specific.Of course, mushrooms contain a lot of nutrients, but they can receive from other foods.But let's consider the beneficial properties, the rules of buying and cooking mushrooms for those women who live without them, just can not.After all, to abandon them is not necessary.

As you know, all the edible mushrooms are very nutritious and high in calories.At its core is a protein food.Column nutritionally they are similar to meat and make it equal to the competition, which is why many vegetarians include them in your diet.Mushrooms contain a lot of useful things: niacin, copper, zinc, vitamins B, P, A, C. Their beneficial properties to the face.But in the ointment, there is usually a fly in the ointment.If a pregnant woman toxicosis, fungi can act as an allergen and poorly tolerated.

Yet, if all goes well, there may be mushrooms.It is necessary only to prepare them properly.Outset that fried mushrooms better not to drink.Best suited stewed and cooked mushrooms.When cooking, to heat treatment should include at least one hour to destroy the possible toxic elements.Of course, you can go for mushrooms in the forest itself, or sent to the spouse.But not all fans roam the forests in search of relevant fungi.It is best to buy the mushroom itself.Here we insure against poisonous specimens, which are sometimes caught in the basket, and even experienced mushroom scorched.Buy mushrooms natural stands in supermarkets.Street vendors, it is desirable to get round.Risk factor remain the same as in their own collections.In the supermarket you can buy mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms that are grown in special greenhouses.For the safety of such fungi can not worry.The only thing still is to play it safe, and after the opening of banks to inspect for the presence of fungi or mildew buildup.If all goes well, you can eat.

be recalled that pregnant women are very fond of pickled mushrooms, mushrooms in vinegar, dried or canned.According to its useful qualities are noticeably inferior mushrooms cooked or stewed.Furthermore, it is not safe.This may cause heartburn, abdominal pain or swelling, because salt keeps the output fluid from the body.

author of the publication: Valery Samoylov